22 DIY Ideas for Quarantine

I saw a news report recently that mentioned Amazon is selling out of puzzles. I guess with so much time at home, people are looking for ways to keep entertained. As for me, I would rather be repainting a room and working on DIY projects as opposed to puzzles or games.

I thought I’d look back at some of our past projects that might be of interest to anyone stuck home and looking to pass the time in a more productive way. I’m including projects of all sizes so there’s something for everyone.

Make A DIY Rag Banner Garland

DIY Ideas for home

This DIY garland is super easy and can be made using any scrap fabrics you have around the house. It has stood the test of time in my house which is always a good sign considering how often I swap out decor.

10 Minute Eucalyptus Wreath

do it yourself simple spring wreath

This eucalyptus wreath is one of my favorite projects ever and one of the easiest!

DIY Wooden Welcome Sign

welcome sign diy project

Likewise, another project that has stood the test of time is this DIY wooden welcome sign. It’s been out on my porch for a few years now and it’s really held up to the weather.

Take Up Soap Making

Another easy project that is also useful (especially considering the current state of things) is soap making. With a melt and pour base, the fun is customizing the soap. For this one, I used lavender and bee pollen.

Add Patina To Terra Cotta

how to age terra cotta for a weathered look

If you know me at all you know I prefer things that have some history or are vintage. I found a way to age new terra cotta pots so they look weathered.

DIY Herb Pots

how to make herb garden pots

I love growing my own fresh herbs during the summer so I created these cute little herb pots to grow them in.

Cover Your Books In Pretty Fabric

DIY Fabric covered books

Decorating is all about layering and nothing is more useful for that than a stack of books. I used fabric to cover old books to give them a more cohesive look.

Hang A Basket Gallery Wall

wall baskets gallery wall ideas

I hung this layered gallery of wall baskets without using a hammer or a single nail!

Make Flower Cones

DIY Flower paper cones

These flower cone door hangers would be a great project to keep the kids entertained. You can add a little history to the project by telling your kids about May Day traditions. It’s said that in Roman times people made small baskets filled with flowers to give to friends and neighbors. It was customary to leave the basket on the doorstep and run away.

Reupholster Dining Chair Cushions

how to reupholster dining chair cushions

If your dining chairs have seen better days, simply reupholstering them can change the whole look.

Make A Jute Rug

DIY Jute Sisal Rug

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of sisal rugs. They go with every style of decor. If you have a little time on your hands try making one yourself! It’s pretty simple.

Paint A Shiplap Accent Wall

shiplap accent wall with paint

If you love the character of shiplap walls but don’t want to pull out the chop saw and tools, there is an easier way. See how I painted a shiplap accent wall in my bedroom.

Remove Paint From Wood Furniture

removing paint from wood furniture to reveal a natural look

I really prefer the look of natural wood over stained. After finding this vintage dresser on marketplace, I removed the paint from it for a natural look. This one requires a bit of work, but it’s so worth it.

Update Countertops With Paint

faux granite countertops DIY ideas

If you’re countertops need updating but you’re not quite ready to shell out of granite, try painting them! I’ve done this for two family members already and it’s a great fix until you’re ready to upgrade.

Change Out Doorknobs

changing doorknobs

Small changes with big impact are my favorite upgrades. Changing out the doorknobs in my house made a MAJOR difference! I highly recommend trying this!

Frame a Bathroom Mirror

frame a bathroom mirror

By simply adding a frame to a frameless mirror you can change the entire look of the room!

Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring how to do it yourself

We’ve upgraded all the existing flooring (one room left to go) in our house by installing vinyl plank flooring ourselves. Keep in mind, this is a completely doable DIY project even if you’ve never attempted to do floors before.

Add Lighting To Your Cabinets

how to install lighting to upper and lower cabinets yourself

Installing cabinet lighting added a nice ambiance to our kitchen. It’s amazing what the right lighting can do for a room.

DIY Board and Batten

DIY board and batten install

If you’re handy with a chop saw, installing board and batten shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Adding this type of architecture to a room is my favorite type of DIYs.

Hang Patio String Lights

DIY ideas for the yard patio string lights

Luckily during this quarantine, we have spring-like weather. This is a great time to get your yard ready for summer. One of my favorite projects from last year was hanging string lights over my patio.

Create A Full Sun Container Garden

container gardens for full sun

Get your garden pots ready with a full sun container garden. I was surprised to see several of the plants in here even survived the winter. In addition, you can also see the best plants for shade gardens here.

Turn an Old Wheelbarrow Into A Planter

wheelbarrow planter DIY garden ideas

This was a fun one. Turn an old wheelbarrow on it’s side and place it into your landscape for a new garden bed.

I’d love to hear about what projects you’ve been working on!

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    so many good ideas. its a good time to be making soap too.

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