How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Last year when we did our kitchen makeover, one item on the to-do list was installing cabinet lighting in both the new upper cabinets and under the existing lowers. We finally just got around to finishing up that project recently (things take time around here!) and what a difference it makes! It’s really pretty easy to do too!

How to Install Upper and Lower Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

I worked with Lamps Plus* on the lighting for my kitchen. In addition to these amazing pendant lights, we also ordered these LED tape lights for the cabinet lighting.

LED tape lights Lamps Plus

What You Will Need For Kitchen Cabinet Lighting:

LED Lighting Kit

Wire to Strip Connectors

B Wire connectors (referred to as “chicklet connectors”

Wireless Remote 2 in 1 Dimmer


Right Angle Drill Bit Attachment

3/*8″ Speed Bore Drill Bit

Wire Stripper

how to install under cabinet lighting

One thing to keep in mind with this project is you will need an outlet in the area. When we added our upper cabinets, my husband installed an outlet for the microwave. Also note, my husband is very experienced with electrical work, and though this is relatively easy and low voltage if you’re not at all experienced with electrical, you may want to hire someone for this. (Read my full disclosure here)

Step 1- Plan the path for your under cabinet lighting.

First, we measured the length of lighting we needed for the under cabinet lighting. We cut one strip for the cabinets to the left of the microwave and one for the cabinet on the right. Be sure to follow the directions on the lighting on where to cut. We also cut sections for each of the upper cabinets.

LED lighting - DIY kitchen

Step 2 – Drill holes where you need to run the lighting.

Our outlet is in the upper cabinets so we started with those. We drilled a small hole in between each cabinet section. The goal was to connect our upper and lower kitchen cabinet lighting so that they would all be on the same circuit. In order to connect the upper lights to the lowers we also drilled holes in the cabinets on either side of the microwave in order to run this wire from top to bottom.

how to add cabinet lighting

Step 3- Add connectors.

The next step is to connect all of the lighting together. Add the wired connectors to the tape lighting by just sliding them into where the metal contacts meet the tape lights.

how to install under cabinet lighting

Step 4 – Splice the wires.

Assemble the lighting in the cabinets and then splice the 18/2 gauge wire and attach each section as shown below. Use the wire strippers to strip about 1/4″ of the wire to expose the copper leads.

how to install lighting into kitchen cabinets

My husband also used a T25 staple gun to secure the wiring into the corners to keep them neatly in place. These lights have a sticky backing, you just peel off the paper and stick them into place.

However, if your cabinets are older or dusty you may want to just wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol first so it adheres better. Here is how they look in the uppers. (Clearly, I never finished painting the inside of my cabinets during the one room challenge).

How to install cabinet lighting

Are you still with me here? Good.

This is how they look under the lower cabinets.

how to install cabinet lighting

Most importantly (to me anyway) we picked up a wireless remote to turn our lights on and off, which is really awesome. I would probably never use them if I had to climb up on a step stool to turn them on. The remote, the wire and the connectors were all purchased separately from the lighting kit.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

I’ve been asked a lot about the small wreaths on the cabinet doors, those were a simple DIY project. You can also see how we extended our cabinets to the ceiling which made a big impact in our kitchen. It’s actually makes our small kitchen feel a bit larger.

In addition, we replaced the flooring downstairs since these photos were taken, using another trick I learned to make a room look bigger.

Thanks again to Lamps Plus for sponsoring my kitchen lighting!

How to install upper and lower kitchen cabinet lighting


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How to install kitchen cabinet lighting using LED tape lights, it's easier than you may think and doesn't cost a fortune!

This post was sponsored by Lamps Plus and may contain affiliate links, you can read my full disclosure here.


  1. This look awesome! Cabinet lights are one of those features that feel so fancy, I had no idea it was so simple to do!

  2. That looks fantastic, Roxanne! Loving your kitchen. 🙂

  3. Get out of town! That looks so easy. We have old under cabinet lights that desperately need to be replaced. I’m sending this post to my husband!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    {BIG hugs}
    ~ Ashley

  4. This looks so amazing! I am definitely adding lighting to my new kitchen (when we get a chance to finally redo it).

  5. What a great job and it make the cabinet as a focal point! I have some on my cabinet and they are great look at night and just those lights on.

  6. I was just telling my husband I would love some cabinet lighting. This seems so simple and I love how it looks in your kitchen!

  7. I love the light! What a great idea. It looks so nice.

  8. I love this! I wonder if it would be good for a stairwell also?

  9. Thinking I may be able to pull this off myself! (68/widow/DIYer). Where did you place the under cabinet lowers ~ closest to the backsplash or the cabinet front?

    1. Hi Jane, we placed it closest to the front of the cabinets. You can totally do this yourself!!

  10. Hey Roxanne, love ❤️ your kitchen, so clean and classic. I know what you mean by things take awhile to get done. I think I could totally do it with your great pictures you posted, nice job.

  11. Curious how you drilled holes underneath the cabinets from one section to the other. All of our cabinets have a piece separating them that we have to drill through but not sure how to.

    1. Yes, my husband did drill holes through those dividing pieces inside the cabinets to run the lighting through. I am not sure exactly what drill bit he used, but there is a photo of it in the post. Hope that helps!

  12. I have solid 22AWG WIRE, can i use this instead of 18/2?
    22/2 SOLID not stranded. I have bunch it and want to use it up before buying 18/2. Is it safe to use 22/2 over 18/2?

    1. Can i ask you, what color are your kitchen cabinets?

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