Easy Flower Cone Door Hangers

Today I have a fun and easy craft idea for you! These simple door hangers are so versatile, that the possibilities are endless!

I used cardstock and a piece of scrapbooking paper to create heavy-duty cones. My intent was to make mine for flowers. You can make these using real or faux flowers, as I will show you.

Supplies Needed for Cone Door Hangers*

Supplies needed to make pretty DIY flower cone holders

To begin, you will need your cardstock and paper to be cut into squares of the same size. I used Cricut card stock which comes in a 12″ X 12″ size, as does the scrapbook paper. I placed the scrapbook paper right side down and layered the cardstock directly over it.

Place the styrofoam cone on top of the cardstock and begin to roll the papers over it from one edge to the other.

As you roll, line the paper with hot glue to keep it together. It was impossible for me to take a picture of me adding the hot glue, as that takes two hands. But as I rolled, I glued.

Hold it together until you’re sure the glue is dry, then remove the cone from inside.

Use a small screwdriver or a pencil to poke holes in the styrofoam for faux flowers.

If you’d prefer real flowers, one option is to use these water picks. You can insert them into the styrofoam.

water picks for floral arrangement

Using your hole punch, punch two holes on the back of the cone for a hanger. Another option here is to punch holes all the way around the cone and weave the ribbon through them. It will be more stable if you do it that way, I just got lazy.

how to make easy door hangers

For the last step, put your styrofoam back in the cone and arrange your flowers.

How to make flower cone door hangers, easy craft project ideas

Another way to make this with real flowers is to use baby’s breath. For some reason, baby’s breath can live forever without water! I found that out on accident when I let a bunch dry up.

My cones came out rather large with the 12″ X 12″ sheets. This size would look good as a door hanger in place of a wreath. If you wanted to use these on the back of a chair or on a doorknob as I displayed them, I think an 8″ X 8″ size would look more to scale.

Easy DIY door hangers - flower cones

You can get creative as you want and really customize these door hangers to your liking. You can use book pages from a favorite book, drawings your kids made, sheet music from a favorite song, etc.

I’ve also seen these used to hold popcorn and candy. It would be a fun project to do with the kids! What would you use them for?

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  1. Love this! I’m going to hang some From the mantel and put small stocking stuffers inside and top off with Different colors of tissue paper.

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Marilynn Turner says:

    Such a good idea. I love the ones with the baby breath..
    Easy and inexpensive too.

  3. So cute! What a fun, pretty, and accessible idea! I can envision hanging these on my windows from the latch, too. 🙂

  4. Cindy in GA says:

    Love this! So bright and cheery!

  5. Nancy M. Mcfarland says:

    Love them, but they could be made with cardstock and floral foam. for live flowers the picks would easily insert… Just a thought.

  6. kathi shelley says:

    My sis and I wojld make these cone thingys from old wallpaper or the wall paper books my mom would get from the paint store. We’d put wil;d violets and maybe a cookie or a piece of hard candy , wrapped of course inside, too. Then on May 1st, which is May Day, we would go to a coup[le of neighbor’s houses and hang one on the front door knob. Ring the doorbell and run fast to hide around the corner of the house. You can figujre out the rest. Kids don’;t do that much anymore, I found out. Guess I’m really old!

    1. What a great story, thanks so much for sharing that! I definitely will try wild violets (if I can find them) in these, that sounds perfect!

  7. I use them for praline covered nuts and a dry cereal trailmix I make for the kids

  8. Millie Plemmons says:

    Thanks for allowing me to join. I’ve been trying to figure out something different to sell at craft shows & these ideas are so perfect!!❤️

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