How to Paint A Porch Floor With Concrete Paint

concrete paint for the porch

One project that I’ve thought about doing for years is updating my porch floor with concrete paint. This year I moved it up on the priority list and finally got it done. It has made such a tremendous difference that I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!

This is how it looked before. I had removed the furniture and power-washed it about a week or two before I took this photo. You can hardly tell it was even power washed because the concrete was badly stained.

concrete porch before

What You Will Need to Paint Concrete*:

One reason I waited so long to do this is that I wanted to do a good amount of research before choosing concrete paint. Using something that would hold up to the elements (even though it is a covered porch, it is open) and daily foot traffic was most important. I had used Behr granite grip on a small patch of concrete in my backyard and that has held up well for over a year. However, that is not the look I wanted for the front so I had to find something else.

My plan was to paint this to look like wood planks, much in the same way I did the painted shiplap wall in my bedroom. One day on Instagram I saw another blogger’s video showing how well her painted concrete porch floor had held up after two years. After contacting her, I was confident about choosing the same paint she used. It’s called Olympic Maximum and it’s actually a stain that comes in colors much like paint.

concrete-floor-paint that lasts

I bought this stain in two colors. The darker shade is called Corundum, shown below. The gallon of the lighter shade of paint didn’t have the sticker on top identifying the color so I can’t tell you for certain the name of that one but I think it was Stonehedge.

How to Paint Concrete:

After giving the porch a thorough sweep, I used painter’s tape all around to protect the house. My paint sprayer was perfect for this project, I couldn’t imagine painting this with a roller or a brush. No matter how well you clean it, dirt and debris will get on that roller. I sprayed on the darker shade of paint first while my supervisor watched. 🙂  He was not happy to be inside that door.

how to paint concrete outdoor floors

After the first coat of paint was complete this is how it looked. You can see that along the house I didn’t go up that piece of concrete yet, but I covered that with the second coat.

concrete floor paint

After letting the first coat dry for about 6 or seven hours I applied 1/8″ thick painter’s tape over it. I had the spacer left over from the bedroom walls, so that helped me space them evenly. You could use a ruler or a tape measure for that. I used my husband’s laser level to shine a line across the porch floor. This helped me get the tape straight.

How to paint a concrete porch to look like wood planks

Don’t Miss This Trick!

The next step I also picked up from the other blogger and this one is genius. I used a small roller to paint another thin layer of paint in the same color over the painter’s tape. This helps to seal the tape, giving a crisper line!

painted concrete ideas, how to make it look like wood plank floors

After that’s dry, it’s time for your second coat. On this day I used my new Wagner Flexio 5000 sprayer. It’s much like my Studio Pro sprayer but they improved a few key things. I’m really happy with the new model.

DIY Painted concrete porch, use two different colors to look like wood planks

I let that dry for several hours until it was safe to walk on and then I began slowly peeling up the skinny painter’s tape. Let me tell you, that was very satisfying! Here I had the first two rows of tape pulled up. The grooves in the concrete kind of resemble wood, giving this a more realistic look.

how to paint concrete floors to look like wood planks

I let it dry for another 24 hours to be safe before returning the furniture. Look at the difference this concrete paint made on my porch!

small front porch ideas, painted concrete and outdoor mirror

Porch Decor

Mostly everything on my porch is from a flea market with the exception of the furniture and the wooden sign was a DIY. I did splurge on new doormats. I bought the outdoor rug on the bottom first and then decided it needed a little something more, so I found this welcome mat for the top. Layered doormats are trending big right now, so I went for that look and I have to say I like it a lot.

Layered doormats, front porch ideas

I also added a mirror to the trellis. That was a flea market find also. It was an old brown mirror that looked like it had come off a dresser.

Small front porch, painted concrete, privacy trellis with vine and outdoor mirror...SO cute!

I painted that first with DecoArt Metallics paint in gold and layered on Fusion mineral paint in Sacred Sage. I tucked it in between the vines for interest.

outdoor mirror on porch

My front porch is small, but I definitely made the most of what I’ve got out here.

paint porch, small porch ideas

I couldn’t be happier with the painted porch floor. You can see the lines are pretty crisp. The texture of the concrete made it a bit more difficult to get it super crisp. When you’re working with a flat surface and a paint sprayer the lines come out perfect, like when I painted my niece’s kitchen floors.

how to paint concrete floors

I think I’ll add a little bit more color with some flowers out there but overall the porch is much more welcoming than it was before!

painted porch floor 2

One more thing you should note regarding the Olympic Stain paint. Be sure to read all the reviews before you decide. What I learned was that it is an outstanding concrete paint, but you might want to research it a bit more yourself if you plan to use this stain on a deck. The reviews were mixed on that.

Update on concrete paint

(April 2023) It’s been almost three years now since I painted my porch floors and I have to say this paint has held up AMAZING! The only chipping I got was in one spot where I put down a little too much rock salt one winter! Other than that, not a single chip! I would absolutely use it again.

If you like our little front porch, check out what we did to the patio here! You may also be interested in several of my interior floor transformations that were done on a budget: painting linoleum floors, floor stickers in the bathroom, and refinishing hardwood floors for a whitewashed finish.

See how we update this small front porch with seasonal decor! Links to the individual blog posts below the video!


How to update your porch with painted concrete floors that look like wood planks. This is a cheap and easy DIY idea with amazing results!

I’m also including a quick video review of this project for those of you that prefer to watch rather than read the details!

How to update your front porch with painted concrete floors. These are painted to look like wooden planks and it's actually a cheap and easy DIY idea with big impact!


  1. OH my goodness! At first glance I thought it was wood planks! What a great way to spruce up a plain concrete porch! Well done 🙂

    1. Thank you, Maureen!

    2. Thank you for sharing. I have to redo my front porch which is now brick. I have been on the fence about concrete.

  2. Roxanne, what a transformation! I love how your new sprayer helped the paint go on so well and using the skinny tape and painting over it is genius!! Pinned a bunch. <3

    Happy summer and enjoy your porch,
    Barb 🙂

  3. What a transformation!!! Love it!!! I have been dying to do this to my porch but due to lots of traffic, I am worried about how it will look in a year or so. Please keep us posted on wearing. Thanks for tip!

  4. Julie Briones says:


    1. Thank you, Julie! Enjoy Haven!

  5. At first I didn’t realize you painted a cement porch. looks great! And i really want a paint sprayer !

    1. Thank you! You should get one, it really comes in handy!

  6. Looks great! I’ve used concrete stain before but not concrete paint – gives me some ideas 😉

  7. Absolutely stunning! The attention to detail is perfection. Thanks so much for sharing, Roxanne.

  8. Your porch turned out beautifully! Love the mirror on the trellis.

  9. WOW–I would have never known your porch floor wasn’t wood! I love the look! Thanks for sharing at vintage charm. Pinned!

  10. I really needed this tutorial. I have a patio that I am trying to paint the floor of and it is such a pain to get the old paint off. But once I get it done I can go ahead and finish it and make it look as nice as yours, hopefully.

  11. Hi Roxanne!
    What a difference! Your porch floor is beautiful! I love the tips on making lines and grooves with the tape. I hope your week is off to a great start!
    >>> Kim

  12. bj meadows says:

    What am i missing? How does using the skinny tape make the lines… I feel silly-but I must be missing something… how is the darker color showing through on those areas? is it just the concrete showing? or did you have a base coat that was darker? THANK YOU!

    1. I painted the porch a darker color first, before applying the skinny tape. Hope that helps clarify!

  13. R. Dan Dixon says:

    This does look really nice. I too, will be interested to see if the paint holds up outside. (On concrete)! The previous owner of my house painted the garage floor. It looked great when I moved in. But the paint has come off in many places. The previous owned warned me That I would be repainting IF I wanted to keep it looking good. Your project May work better as your concrete is much rougher than my smoothed out garage flooR. But(again) your project really looks nice with all that you changed & added!!! CongradUlations! Dan Dixon

  14. I love the way this looks Roxanne. I may try this on my front porch. I have never heard of a cement stain like this before, so there is no need for a sealer or topcoat?

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I did not use any sealer or topcoat with the stain and it’s holding up perfectly!

  15. im about to do all my concrete porches this way!! I love it!! IMy only concern is if it gets wet is it slip proof !! Thank you so much

    1. It is not slippery when wet, no worries!

  16. It looks gorgeous! When you used your sprayer, did you have any issues with overspray? I want to spray our porch but I’m worried the paint is going to get everywhere. Did you have to tarp your house? Thanks for the tips! I’m so impressed with how yours turned out.

    1. Thanks Kellie, this is one of my favorite projects ever. It’s holding up so well! I keep my sprayer on the lowest setting to reduce overspray. With the low setting, I find it to be very minimal overspray. You will still need a barrier around the edges. I used painter’s tape for my porch, but other times I will use a sheet of cardboard and move it with the sprayer as I progress. Good luck!

  17. How many inches in between your lines? It is amazing!!

  18. Love this project and am hoping to start soon. A couple questions…

    How many inches between lines?

    Did you wrap the paint and tape over the lip of the concrete so the wood plank effect is present from the front view? We have a cement porch with red brick underneath.

    Thanks again for the information and inspiration!

  19. You mentioned you bought two shades of stain, but reading through i only See use of one, is that correct?

    1. Just wondering where you live. We live in Quebec where the climate can be pretty harsh in winter so I’m just wondering how the paint would hold up here.

  20. Ted troscianecki says:

    Thanks Very much for this idea and your step by step guidance. . I just completed my porch makeover with a few modificatIons To the steps You outlined. It was tedious work plus the tape didn’t Seal completely for every line so had to do Some touching up with an artist’s brush but the end result is pretty amazing. Id love to share before and after photos. Please let me know if that is possibLe.

  21. You mentioned you bought two shades of stain, but reading through i only See use of one, is that correct?

  22. You mentioned you bought two shades of stain, but reading through i only See use of one, is that correct? What color was used?

    1. If you look at the post again, notice I applied the base color first before using the skinny tape. Then I applied the second color over the tape. Hope that helps. 🙂

  23. I love your painted porch! With your stonehedge porch color, what colors are you putting it with for siding and shutters? looks white with a medium gray in the picture…. These are the colors that I am wanting to use but wondered what grey for the shutters.

  24. I want to do this on our porch. Quick question, our porch slab is about 4 To 5 inches thick did you do The edges?

    1. Hi Robin, yes I did the edges as well.

  25. I thought it was a wood deck at first glance but realized it was concrete! An amazing paint job and artwork really. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Hello, Thinking about painting my concrete porch. Yours came out so nicely. I’m going to try. Area in front of door is stone but think this will be OK. What color is your siding. I have old ugly original vinyl white around window. Very small section but it’s stained & I like your creamy yellow. Do you remember color? TY

  27. Love your painted porch. How do you keep your furniture from scratching your newly painted floor?

    1. I haven’t had any issues with it scratching but I try not to drag furniture when I move it.

  28. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    It looks great. And thanks for linking to me.

  29. Absolutely love this! May I ask what the name of the vine that is growing on your trellis? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  30. Stacie Henn says:

    Thank you! We bought our house 12 years ago and I have been struggling to figure out what to do with our porch. I painted the front door 3 times, various decorations, tried a few different seating elements but could never get the right look. I finally found you on Pintrest. I subscribed and now want to know everything you do. I am a painters daughter and painting is my happy place. My daddy is so proud!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! I’d love to see the after!

  31. Hi your porch looks so welcoming. What depth is it? I am deciding what to do with my side porch.


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