Small Front Porch Ideas for Fall


Although my front porch is small, it’s definitely one of my favorite spots to decorate. Especially seasonally. You may remember back in the spring I painted the concrete porch floor to look like planks.

That really made a huge difference out there. Now that it’s time for fall decorating, and Christmas is not too far off, I wanted to give the old furniture a refresh as well. It was looking very weathered, and not in the way that I like. As you can see in this photo below on the top left.


So before I went into fall decorating mode, I gave the porch furniture a new coat of paint. I used my Flexio 5000 paint sprayer on this and it took no time at all. Using the sprayer makes it so easy to get into all the hard to reach areas underneath.

Which is a good thing because when I was done I decided I didn’t like the gray color I chose at all. Fortunately, it didn’t take me much more time to give it another coat of paint with the sprayer. Only the second time around I used black. Much better!

The black paint gives a nice neutral backdrop for whatever season I happen to be decorating for and it goes well with the black shutters.

small front porch decorating for fall

I basically stalked a local nursery until I found these blue and light-colored heirloom pumpkins. After having these, I just can’t go back to plain orange pumpkins.

pretty decorating ideas for small front porches

I filled my big basket with seasonal mums, pumpkins, and cabbage for a cute display.

small front porch decorating ideas for fall with mirror and basket full of mums

Earlier this year I added the mirror, that was a flea market find.


I love the coloring on this little blue pumpkin.

heirloom pumpkins

And the painted furniture looks like brand new.


Now I’m curious, what is your favorite spot to decorate for the seasons?

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  1. I love the addition of the mirror! that is so unique and such a welcoming touch.

  2. Your porch is so pretty! I love the privacy lattice you have. I need to do the same to my porch – living in the city we are so close to our neighbors!

  3. Paint is such a magical tool! Love how your porch turned out and it’s also my favorite spot to decorate. I feel like it helps people feel welcomed into your home. so so pretty, great job!

  4. Your porch looks so cozy and welcoming. And black was the perfect color for your furniture. I like the floor too, and how you made it look like planks. adding the mirror makes it look like you’re sitting in an outdoor living room. So pretty, all of it.

  5. Roxanne,
    I absolutely adore your porch. All the little details are amazing and make it so cozy.

  6. Hi Roxanne. I just came over from Between Naps on the Porch, and Wow – I’m really impressed WITH your porch floor – What an amazing job! I love all your pretty decorating too. I have a tiny back porch area that i never even thought of decorating until now! THANKS FOR SHARING THE SMALL SPACE IDEAS., and Happy Fall! 💗

  7. Such a gorgeous porch, Roxanne! i love the combination of flowers and pumpkins you chose!

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