Easy Fall Wreath With Dried Flowers


After a whirlwind few weeks between Texas and New Orleans, I’m finally back home. As much fun as those trips were, it’s nice to be home again and back to my little DIY life.

About a month ago I bought several bunches of dried flowers at a flea market. They are so pretty but once I had them home I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Inspiration finally hit and I decided to make a fall wreath.

Where to buy dried flowers for wreath making

Supplies Needed for A Dried Floral Wreath

Dried Flowers (yarrow and wheat grasses)

Embroidery Hoop


Fishing Line


How to make a wreath using dried flowers

I didn’t really have a full plan in mind for this. So I started by snipping pieces from the dried flowers and attaching them to the hoop using fishing line. I always use fishing line as opposed to floral tape or wire. It’s easy enough to work with and it’s basically invisible.

DIY Fall decorating ideas

Keep in mind, that using dried flowers does get messy! It was everywhere by the time I was finished.

Though I had four different types of dried flowers, I ended up only using the wheatgrass and the dried yarrow flowers for a simpler look. I continued adding more until I had a really full look.

DIY Natural fall wreaths for front door, easy project!

To give it a little something extra, I added a long white ribbon off to one side. I tied the knot just as I had shown you back when I made that rag banner garland.

The ribbon I used came from a throw blanket I had bought. Have you ever noticed the ribbon used to tie those up is really pretty? I always save those.

I used more of the same ribbon on top as a hanger.

Dried floral wheat wreath how-to

But wreath hangers do not fit over my front door, so I ended up taking the top ribbon off and using the fishing line as a hanger. This way, I can slip that right behind the peephole on my door and it stays in place perfectly.

Pretty DIY Fall wreath using dried flowers, a simple and natural idea for your front door

Isn’t that pretty? I still have plenty of flowers left over for when inspiration strikes again. 🙂



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    1. Brenda, you are right about the Pinterest icons. I’ve been meaning to remove them, thanks for the reminder.

  2. Roxanne this wreath is just BEAUTIFUL ! I love the simple elegance the yellow yarrow adds! I have yarrow in my yard and now you ha e inspired me to dry it and use it somehow! Thank you:)

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