Small Porch Decorating Ideas

Using only a few carefully selected pieces, this small front porch is maximized not only for an ever-changing display but also as a shady respite in the summer!

This mirror hung on the trellis makes a unique focal point. It's one of the first things people see when arriving at the front door.

A size appropriate bench and chair offer seating for lazy summer afternoons.

A climbing hydrangea growing up the trellis offers a privacy screen from the neighbors.

Rustic flea market finds contrast beautifully with flowers.  The small white bench works as a plant stand or an extra seat.  

A simple container with creeping Jenny. The orb also functions as an accent light at night.

The front garden is lush with greenery all summer long, providing a pretty view from the porch.

The large basket is filled with seasonal flowers and greens throughtout the year.

Though seasonal elements are changed out regulary, they are kept to a minimum as to not overpower the porch.

Items are sometimes switched around on the porch to further mix it up for interest.

A pretty throw blanket on the bench brings a bit of interior decor outside.

During the holiday season, this small porch is aglow but not over the top!

Learn how we transformed the concrete porch floors to look like wooden planks!