Easy Winter Decorating Ideas

simple winter decor

While I do love taking down all the Christmas decorations and having the feeling of space back, it does look very bare after! In January, I like to implement easy winter decorating ideas for a little pick-me-up.

My husband and I never start big projects in January due to the weather. Instead, I use these winter months for small redecorating projects. And some decluttering.

Here are some after-Christmas winter decorating ideas to wake up your space. They are all budget-friendly ideas as well!

warm it up

After the holidays when the house looks bare, it can also look and feel cold. But there are lots of great ways to warm up a room easily!


If you miss all the twinkling holiday lights, you can bring back the ambiance in your winter decorating with candles. Candles are great because they’re inexpensive and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents.

I have a basket full of candles and candleholders that I use to swap them out seasonally. There is no particular brand that I’m loyal to, I just buy what looks pretty.

You can even make your own candles, it’s an easy DIY and you can customize them however you like. I especially like making floating candles.

In addition to candles, I keep out my small sets of string lights in the winter to add more ambiance.


Color is another super easy way to add some life to your winter decorating. And there are so many options for bringing in fresh colors and patterns! Here are a few!

  • New throw pillows and matching throw blanket
  • Slipcover old furniture
  • New Artwork
  • Swap out table linens
  • Change out bathroom towels or shower curtain
  • Swap out an area rug
  • Refresh your bedding
  • Fresh grocery store flowers

If the walls in your home need a fresh coat of paint, January is a great time to start exploring color samples and putting a plan together for that as well.

Paint companies always share their paint color of the year in January, which is another place to check for inspiration.


how to add texture to your home

Texture is another easy way to liven up a room.

Jute rugs will add a big splash of texture to a room in an instant.

It doesn’t even have to be a large area rug, it can be a smaller throw rug and it will still have a big impact. Last year I painted a plain jute rug in a diamond pattern and it’s still holding up well.

Another quick and easy way to bring texture into your house is with baskets.

decorating with baskets for texture

Decorating with baskets is the best because they’re useful for storage, decoration, or both! I am a basket hoarder because they are the most useful decorating accessory ever!

Lastly, linens are another way to bring in a lot of texture. Such as textured throw blankets and quilts. Take advantage of those January white sales!

new year bedding ideas

I noticed many of the white sales started at the end of December and the prices were deeply discounted. Now is the time to buy bedding if you need a refresh.


warm up a room by decorating with stacked books

My favorite way to add warmth to a room is by decorating it with books. Not only are they cheap and easy to find, but there are so many ways to use them.

Bringing in vintage items will also add warmth and character to a room, so I usually look for vintage hardcovered books when I’m out thrifting.

Change Out One Thing

winter decorating

If you want to make a bigger change without doing a lot of work, change out one larger item in a room. This doesn’t have to be expensive, but these items are all good investments if you do go with higher quality.

Area Rug

vintage area rug pattern

Nothing will change the entire look of a room as quickly as a new area rug will! Add color, texture, and pattern…the options are endless!


Changing out your window shades or drapes will also give you a big bang for your buck. I often change out my curtains for winter.

In the summer months, I’ll use heavier drapes to block out the sun but in winter I like white sheer curtains to let more light in.

And when I can’t find curtains I like, I will make my own no-sew curtains. I even used that same technique to make my own affordable pinch-pleated cafe curtains.


Even if you change only one piece of furniture in a room, it will feel like a new space. It can be something as small as an end table or as big as a new sofa.

When I needed new chairs last year, but wasn’t ready to buy, I opted for white slipcovers. That made a huge difference without committing to new furniture.

winter decorating with slipcovered furniture

A great place to buy upholstered furniture on a budget is Home Goods and Home Sense. They often get designer-style pieces at affordable prices. Upholstered furniture is the one thing I usually won’t buy antique, but there are exceptions to that.

The only downside to shopping there is you have to check often for really good pieces. And you can’t hesitate, because when it’s gone you may never find it again.

You also have to haul it yourself. Although I noticed at my local Home Goods they now have a third-party delivery service you can hire.

Swap Out Decor

Sometimes I like to “putter” around a room and just move things around. I’ll change out the smaller items on the mantel, coffee table, or dining hutch. These small changes are good design therapy!

I constantly change out my kitchen table centerpiece. That is one area that is cheap and easy to keep interesting!


Sometimes when we live with something on our walls for a long time, we almost stop seeing it. I highly recommend treating yourself to new artwork. You’ll be happy every time you look at it.

winter decorating ideas gallery wall art


If your lamps are old and outdated, they can make the whole room look outdated. It’s easy enough to find affordable options at Home Goods.

Another option is to cover your existing lampshade with fabric. This is a really easy DIY project and a great way to pass a dreary afternoon! I’ve done two lamps using patterned fabrics and I love them both.

Small Decor

small vase of flowers for winter decorating

I don’t buy a ton of small decor items because it can get cluttered fast in my small home. That said, having some small decorations is necessary.

Spending a day out at the thrift store might just help you score that perfect little piece for your home!

Add A New Plant

winter decorating with plants

Of course, we can’t talk about winter decorating ideas without mentioning house plants.

Besides the fact that houseplants purify the air, adding a new plant is the most obvious way to liven up your home after the holidays. I’ve been more selective about what plants I bring in because too many make for clutter and then I have to almost neglect them on purpose, lol.

There are often flower shows in the winter months. Those are a fun way to learn about plants and find some interesting varieties you may not know about.

This year I am looking for one particular fern and one small angel plant. Once I find those two, I won’t buy anything further until spring!

Do you have any winter home refresh ideas or traditions to help liven up the house? Leave them in the comments!

If these winter decorating ideas have you inspired, check out these pretty home decor accents I’ve spotted online. Happy decorating!

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  1. Great ideas, my favorite texture idea was your sweet kitty. I’m packing up holiday now and it sure feels bare. FYI the email link does not open to this page, it goes to a spring post.

  2. Good ideas. I’ll be taking down the Christmas tree and decorations this weekend. Will be moving furniture around for a different look. Changing out the curtains also.

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