Decorating With Baskets

Baskets are the most versatile home decorating accessory, wouldn’t you agree? Not only are they pretty and practical, but they also infuse texture and warmth into a room. I love decorating with baskets because they’ll never go out of style!

Even though I already have more than I need, I can never pass up a pretty basket! And I never regret buying more.

Baskets filled with flowers

vintage hutch and basket filled with lilacs

I use baskets for many things but my favorite look is filling them up with an abundance of flowers. As you can see above I used seasonal lilacs for a spring display. This was truly beautiful. The more flowers, the better.

green tea kettle table setting

Or use mini flowers in mini baskets on your kitchen table.

basket of chamomile flowers

You can also fill them with flowers and hang them from a doorknob or furniture hook.

decorating with baskets

Decorating with baskets works outside too.

I have a large vintage basket on my small front porch that I use as a seasonal display for flowers and plants. It’s a small area but it packs a big punch when I fill it with color.


Or just fill a big floor basket with seasonal branches from your yard. Any basket, filled with flowers, anywhere!


decorative storage baskets

Of course, the most practical use for baskets is for pretty storage. I have them all over the house, in every room.

decorative storage baskets

This basket under my entryway table holds shoes.

You can even hang a small basket on your coat hook for small things like sunglasses and keys.


The basket on my kitchen counter holds snacks like potato chips and other unsightly kitchen items that I like to have easily accessible.

basket decoration ideas in the kitchen

My upper kitchen cabinets also contain baskets. In that area I have them filled with things we don’t use too often, such as birthday candles and cake decorations.


Baskets with handles are great for a caddy to carry things around. Such as garden supplies, condiments for a barbeque, or cleaning supplies. Filled baskets make such great gift ideas with a pretty presentation.

small basket for garden caddy

When it comes to creative storage ideas, the possibilities are endless!

baskets as decor

Use a large round tray as a serving platter or on your coffee table filled with decor such as candles or plants.

basket as serving tray

You can also use baskets as decor even without filling them with anything. In my daughter’s room, I hung a gallery wall of baskets over her bed.

basket wall decor

I used a collection of vintage mini baskets as a display in my dining nook. It really creates a cozy cottage vibe. I also love the look of a group of baskets hung from the ceiling.

basket wall decor - decorating with baskets

Lastly, I had to pop this adorable picture I took of my niece’s baby. Baskets are great for kids and pets too!

baby in basket fall photo with mums

That’s why baskets are my favorite flea market find. I never can pass one up! They’ll always get used again and again.

Here are some of my online favorites!


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