Best White Paint Colors From Glidden (Shown In Everyday Homes)

While the trend of all-white everything is out, and more color is in, I am still a fan of white paint colors. White paint has and will continue to stand the test of time.

My kitchen and living room are long overdue for a fresh coat of paint so I’ve been trying samples.

LOTS of samples!


Choosing the right white paint colors can be overwhelming! While it may seem simple, there are so many shades of white to choose from, each with its own unique undertones.

Today, let’s explore the best white paint colors from Glidden Paints.

where to get free paint samples

Glidden has a free app that you can download and use to order samples. They are paper samples that you can stick to your wall (they easily peel off). The samples are free so I started there. I ordered a bunch to compare, which helps me see what the undertones are.

While computer screens can skew the color you see, I thought it would be helpful to see them side by side for a better idea. I used my cell phone to take most of the photos in this post, without editing, to give you the most accurate representation.

Here are the white samples I ordered from the Glidden app.

which are the best white paint colors for interior walls

Placing them side by side really helps you to see which are warm, which are cool, and what undertones each color has. I labeled the colors in Photoshop for this post.

If you’re in the market for a true white with the least amount of undertones, I would suggest Delicate White. That one matches well with everything and doesn’t lean too warm or cool.

However, this time around I wanted a very warm white. So after reviewing my paper samples, I narrowed down my choices. Then I went to The Home Depot and picked up several little pots of paint samples.

glidden-paint-colors-in light neutral colors

It’s a good idea to view the color for a few days to see how it looks in different lighting. It really is a whole process, but better to do it this way than to end up unhappy with the results.

Another reason I like to have the actual paint samples is because the paint finish can slightly affect the color.

Does paint sheen affect color?


Paint sheen or finish, does affect the paint color.

paint sheen in order

As you can see above, it’s a minor difference between each sheen. However, when you’re using light neutrals even a minimal difference can seem like a big difference on the walls.

best warm white glidden


A few of my favorite warmer whites from Glidden are as follows:

  • Crumb Cookie
  • Clear Yellow
  • Accolade

What I ended up choosing for my wall is Crumb Cookie. It’s a very warm white, almost buttery yellow that will pair well with wood tones. It has a vintage, cozy feel to it.

I’ll share more on this when I’m finished with all the painting but here is a sneak peek of the progress.


more Glidden White Paint Colors

Incidentally, my niece just moved to a new home and they painted every room in Glidden paints. I asked her for a few photos to share here so you can get a better sense of other shades in an actual house.


My niece prefers mostly cool whites so many of her choices have gray undertones. Her living room and entire main floor are painted in Pegasus. It’s a good neutral and looks grayer in these photos than it does in person.

Arctic-Cotton paint color on walls from Glidden
Arctic Cotton

In the baby’s room, they used Arctic Cotton. This one leans more white than gray.

Spring-Thaw paint color on walls from Glidden
Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw is the color of the walls in the hallway above. Another pretty, cool-toned neutral.

best gray green paint colors glidden

best gray green paint colors from Glidden

While choosing a wall color I was also looking at colors to repaint my kitchen cabinets. Because my counters are charcoal gray, the cabinet color has to match both those as well as the wall color I chose.

neutral paint colors from Glidden

A neutral gray/green is what I’m looking for in that area. However, I haven’t yet ruled out trying a gray-blue tone yet. So far, I’ve only gotten samples in the green shades. Above is a sample of warm whites paired with light gray-greens.

The colors shown are (clockwise): Crumb Cookie, Accolade, White Sage, and Veil of Dusk.

My niece also did a pretty green color in her family room.

FRIVOLOUS-FOLLY paint color on wall from Glidden
frivolous folly

That’s Frivolous Folly on the wall next to the stone fireplace.

I’m really having a hard time deciding on the cabinet color as of now. I like many of the samples but aren’t sure I’ve found “the one” yet. Once it’s all finished, I share more on those too.

Remember when choosing a white paint color for your home to consider the natural light in the space and the existing furnishings and décor. That’s why I always try out a few different sample pots on the walls to see how they look over the course of a few days.

The undertones of white paint can vary significantly, so it is crucial to choose a shade that complements the other elements in your room. You can learn more about how to choose paint colors here.


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