Trader Joes Flowers – 3 Ways

Every few weeks I’ll treat myself to a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joes. They have such a fantastic selection there and the prices are about the best I’ve seen.

They usually have all your staple flowers such as roses and mixed bouquets but what I really love is the more unique picks they offer. Most other food stores only carry the expected basics.

Simple Flower Arranging Tips

Though I’m no expert on flower arranging, today I thought I’d share a few arrangements I’ve made recently and how inexpensive they each were.

A few things I have learned about flower arranging are:

  • Use interesting vases/vessels
  • Use an abundance of flowers and greenery for a full look
  • Keep them at different heights, with some spilling over the sides of the vase
  • If at first, it doesn’t look right, rearrange them until it does

I love arranging flowers in my vintage vases and vessels. The combination of the aged vessels with fresh flowers is irresistible!

Craspedia Flower Arrangement

For my first arrangement, I took two basics; baby’s breath and large white mums. Next, I added these beautiful yellow flowers. I believe they are called Craspedia. The baby’s breath and Craspedia will last indefinitely and the mums are pretty long-lasting as well. When the mums fade, I can switch those out and still get another few weeks out of the rest.

Trader Joes flowers

Each of those three flower bunches was $3.99, so I was able to make this for under $12.

I’m in love with that old Cracker Jack tin I found while thrifting and couldn’t wait to get some flowers into it! I used a mason jar inside the tin to hold the water because I’m sure the tin isn’t watertight. I do that with most of my old vessels when I want to use them for flowers.

Allium Floral Arrangement

Another floral arrangement I made recently was this purple display. I could not believe Trader Joes had these giant alliums! I am obsessed with these and mine didn’t come up in the garden this year. This one was bigger than a baseball!

The smaller purple flowers are called Stock. I had to ask my sister-in-law what they were because I wasn’t familiar with them. But I love the curved stems and delicate petals! Lastly, I added a few tall stems of eucalyptus for height.

arranging-flowers from Trader Joes

That single allium flower was $4.99, that’s how much even a single bulb of allium costs. The eucalyptus and the Stock were each $3.99 bringing this total to $13.

I found the pitcher when I went to Brimfield last month. One seller had lots of these antique clay vases in all different colors. I wish I had bought more, it’s really beautiful!


It’s been about 10 days and this arrangement is still going. I have been keeping the water fresh and trimming the stems every few days to help it last longer.

Trader Joes Peony Flowers

Lastly, here is a really pretty peony arrangement. The peonies in this super pale pink color are beautiful. I kept this arrangement simple, adding only green accents like the eucalyptus. I don’t know what the other greenery in this one is called.


The greens were each $3.99 and the bunch of five peonies were $9.99, more expensive than most of their other flowers.


According to a post on Instagram, this vase is called a celery vase. Apparently, these were used to display celery stalks years ago because celery was something only wealthy people could afford. For that reason, they would actually display the stalks in vases!

You might remember I had Ranunculus flowers in that celery vase a few weeks ago. Those were also from Trader Joes, and are one of my favorite flowers.

Right now, this old Cracker Jack tin is getting all the love around here. Isn’t that cool?

gorgeous floral centerpiece in vintage tin with white and yellow flowers

While I’m not doing any major projects around here lately, I do try to keep things feeling fresh in smaller ways like this. I have to constantly change things up here or I get very restless!

In fact, the gallery wall I hung only two months ago in my breakfast nook will be getting changed out tomorrow. I might need a self-help group for this affliction, what do you think?


  1. Love all your arrangements, especially the Cracker Jack tin. Thank-you for the tips on choosing flowers.

  2. All the arrangements are very pretty, and affordable.
    Love the cracker jack tin.

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