The Lucketts Antique Market In VA

Not only did I get to go to Brimfield for the first time last month, but I also went to Lucketts.

If you’ve not heard of it, Lucketts is another popular antique/flea market event held in Virginia each year. I believe it was born from the original Old Lucketts store in Leesburg and expanded to this outdoor market/event.

They definitely take the time to make it very visually appealing and inviting. While Brimfield has a lot of that as well, I think Luckett’s show is more curated. Though to me, that doesn’t matter either way. I just love the hunt.

Both markets had amazing treasures and I’d say both were rather expensive. But I am always on the hunt for budget decor because I usually can’t afford to pay full retail for things.


That said, there were bargains to be found at both markets.

I wasn’t looking for anything specific at either market. Because it was my first time to both, I wanted it more for the experience this time around.

shopping antiques in Virginia

Luckett’s market was smaller and much more manageable. It was easy to see it all in a day. It felt less overwhelming to me than Brimfield.

It’s a great place to find that one-of-a-kind piece for your home. Look at this giant amazing table/island! It was about 12-15 feet long!

large antique kitchen island

I also loved this weathered dresser. Sadly it was already sold or that would’ve come home with me!

fab finds at the Lucketts spring market

I’ve been on a kick with vintage dishes lately, especially anything green. These were so pretty.

antique shopping

And this display was a stunner. Loved those leather chairs with the giant cabinet behind them.


This piece had a beautiful wood finish. It looked as if someone took the time to sand and it strip it down to bare wood.

Lucketts spring market Virginia 2023

I have a few regrets about things I passed up at Lucketts. I’ll definitely go back again next year and I will be better prepared to take more treasures home!


  1. I’m in Texas and have always wanted to go to Round Top in the spring or fall. I bet you had a blast at both Brimfield and Lucketts! I’d be like a kid in a candy store, not wanting to leave.

    1. Oh you definitely need to visit Round Top, it was amazing! My only problem with that one is I’m so far away I have to fly there so I can’t bring much home!

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