Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

Cozy winter decorating ideas to help warm up the house for the long winter months.

Happy New Year everyone! January is such a weird month, isn’t it? It’s nice to get the holiday stuff put away but then the house looks a little bare.

I like to try and make the house feel cozy and warm for the winter months. January through March in NJ can feel very long and cold. In addition to freshening up the decor, I will likely do some painting this winter as well. My downstairs needs a fresh coat.

Today I’m sharing some pretty home decor picks that will warm up your home for these long winter months.

Winter Florals

I SO miss greenery and flowers in the winter months, so that is my first go-to for January. Dried flowers and non-holiday type garlands work well. The green asparagus ferns shown above I happen to have, they are very realistic!

A gorgeous vessel in a muted color to display them in is another subtle way to add some visual warmth.

Add Warmth With Vintage Home Decor

I can’t get enough vintage home decor these days. Not only do I love the thrill of the hunt, but I love the instant character these pieces add to a room. It’s also nice to have unique items that no one else will have.

Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Adding warmth with textured linens is a great way to cozy up a room and make it feel fresh at the same time. January is a great time to invest in linens because they’re usually on sale.

The picks above are neutrals but in a warm white palette. Imagine these pieces in a room with vintage wood furniture.

Winter Home Decor Accents

Candles and lamps are another way to refresh and add instant warmth to a room. You can bounce that light around with a gorgeous mirror. I’m not usually a big fan of yellow but I love that golden vase! And the pattern and texture on that pillow really caught my eye as well.

Vintage Art In Warm Tones

Indian Summer/Banjo/Cottages/Swans/Pears/Venice

Of all the vintage pieces I picked up in 2022 I’d have to say that vintage art makes the biggest impact. Even one small painting on the wall can wake up the whole room!

Winter Refresh for the kitchen

Lastly, treat yourself to some new kitchen accessories. Especially considering it’s the room we tend to spend the most time in. The picks above aren’t frivolous, they are all functional yet beautiful. I really love those footed water glasses. They’re not cheap but they are amazing!

What are your go-to cozy winter decorating ideas?


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