Easy DIY Christmas Table Decorations

With so much time spent sharing meals during the holiday season, I like to take time to set up a really pretty dining table. DIY Christmas table decorations are easy to put together without much effort.

One great thing to have on hand for setting a nice table is a pretty set of white dishes. I like to use them and then layer in other items to switch it up seasonally.

Today, we will take a look back at some of my table decorations from years past to gather some ideas for your Christmas dinner table.

Ideas For DIY Christmas Table Decorations

For a quick reference, here are some easy DIY Christmas table decorations to have on hand for creating a pretty table setting.

  • Simple White Dishes
  • Seasonal Salad Plates
  • Fresh Greenery & Pine Cones
  • Vintage Container (crock or old tin)
  • Ornaments To Match Color Scheme
  • White Candles
  • Candleholders
  • Linen Napkins
  • String Lights/Glimmer String
  • Amaryllis or Paperwhite Bulbs

Simple Christmas Table Centerpiece

You guys probably know by now that I love decorating with natural elements best. It’s easy to create a festive holiday centerpiece with seasonal florals and greenery.

For this first centerpiece, I simply used a vintage crock and an extra large amaryllis bulb. The bulb has a small glass jar under it to hold water. Next, I simply tucked fresh greenery and bits of baby’s breath around the bulb.

Because the crock is round, this was the perfect centerpiece for the small round table in my breakfast nook.


This was an easy way to create focus on the center of the table and it will last much longer than a store-bought floral arrangement

If you plan ahead you can start the bulb so that it blooms on Christmas day. Amaryliss usually blooms in about 4-6 weeks.

At each place setting, I placed a pink ornament to match these pretty pink vintage wine glasses. Lastly, I tucked fresh evergreen sprigs into each glass.

You can use any colorful ornaments you may already have to match your existing dishes.

vintage Christmas dishes

Another easy Christmas centerpiece idea would be to use a mini Christmas tree in the crock instead of the amaryllis bulb.

Simple Christmas Table Decorations with fresh greenery

For these DIY Christmas table decorations, I first ran fresh garland all the way down the center of the table. It’s more elegant than using a basic Christmas table runner. It’s also a perfect way to set the stage for a Christmas tablescape.

Next, I placed a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments on top of that with a set of battery-operated string lights.


Then I scattered white candles throughout the garland for ambiance. I used tapers but pillar candles would also work. This table setting is fancy enough for a formal dining room but also simple enough for a casual kitchen.

These small gold bells were found at a flea market and were the perfect little touch for place settings.


Using fresh garland all the way down your holiday table will take up a lot of the tabletop you might need for food. To solve this problem, use elevated dishes. Going vertical is a great way to gain more space. You can see in the background I have a pedestal-style cake stand.

This table setting was all white and gold but you can easily swap out the colors to your liking.

Each year, I look through my Christmas bins to see what I can use to mix it up a bit. Then I’ll see what works with whatever new flea market finds I’ve picked up that year.

Rather than fresh garland on the table, you could also substitute mini Christmas trees running down the center of the table. These can easily be removed when it’s time to eat.

Or use faux garland so that it lasts longer with less mess.

Small Space Centerpiece

Here is another idea for a small centerpiece using amaryllis bulbs. You can also use paperwhite bulbs if you prefer.

Start with a vintage tin (or anything vintage that can hold a flower). Using anything old and rustic combined with flowers is my favorite.

I have this great antique baking tin that is perfect for Christmas. When using old vessels that may not be waterproof, I’ll place the flowers or bulbs inside mason jars first. Then just put the whole jar inside the tin.


I kept this one small and simple using a round marble cutting board as the base. Next, a couple of velvet pinecones, a single votive candle, and some greenery and string lights.

On either side of the grouping, I placed two very large vintage brass candles. Grouping a few simple things can make a beautiful centerpiece.


Again using plain white dishes, I layered these square vintage salad plates that have the same deep red as the baking tin.

Festive centerpiece with floating candles

Candles are always essential for pretty dining tables, but especially for DIY Christmas table decorations. For this centerpiece, I first made my own floating candles.


Next, I added them to a bowl filled with water and cranberries. The cranberries will float along with the candles.

You can buy the cranberries and keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

To round this small table setting out, I used DIY gold leaf ornaments as place settings, gold silverware, and fresh greenery under the forks. You could also use a large bit of greenery and place it under the plates at chargers.

DIY Christmas table settings

The Easiest DIY napkin Rings

For a very simple napkin ring, tie a Christmas ribbon around your linen napkin and attach a small Christmas bell.

Christmas table settings

If you don’t have white or red jingle bells, you can use any small ornament or even candy canes instead. You could also tuck place cards under the ribbon.

On this table setting, I used fresh eucalyptus on the table rather than garland. I especially like the seeded variety.

Budget Table Decoration Tips

Don’t worry if you don’t have a nice matching set of dishes. Using mismatched dishes can be very charming.

I’ll often pick up single dishes when I’m shopping secondhand. I’ll collect them until I have enough of a grouping that works together. If you don’t use them on your table, you can always hang the dishes on your wall.

Additionally, look for silverware sets when shopping secondhand. They can be found very inexpensive.

That used to gross me out at first but then I realized it’s no different than using utensils in a restaurant! Now I have several sets that I can switch out when I need a new look.

Using seasonal food in your table settings is another budget-friendly way to make it special. Use dried fruit slices, pomegranates, pears, apples, or anything else festive!

I hope you found some inspiring Christmas table decor ideas here today!


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