How To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas


I spent a little time decorating my kitchen for Christmas over the weekend. We spend so much time in the kitchen for the holidays that I like to make it festive along with the living room.

It really is the heart of the home, so why shouldn’t it see some Christmas cheer?

Because we have limited space on our kitchen countertops, I try to keep them mostly free from decor and instead go vertical and decorate the cabinets. And, of course, I always like a pretty setting on the kitchen table.

Without a kitchen island or open shelving, I have to be strategic about holiday decorating so I always plan with that in mind.

How To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas

For kitchen cabinets, there a several options I can think of for adding Christmas decorations. I went with classic mini wreaths because I already had these little boxwood wreaths that happened to fit perfectly.

I’ve had those wreaths forever, they’re so versatile that I use them often. I can also see them sitting flat on a table with pillar candles in the middle. That would be a simple yet beautiful centerpiece.

It would be even more beautiful if you had a skinny mirror to place underneath. That would reflect the candlelight. If you have a small table, even one wreath would give the same effect.

Hang Wreaths


To attach the wreaths, I used a thumbtack on the inside of the cabinet doors and looped the ribbon over the top.

mini boxwood wreaths for kitchen cabinet doors

If you prefer not to make a hole, you could also use command hooks hung upside down inside the cabinet in the same way.

Another great option is to hang small wreaths on the backs of your kitchen or dining chairs. Attach them to the chairs with holiday ribbon. That’s one of the easiest ways to add a little festive cheer.

Hang Ornaments

I also considered adding reindeer ornaments from the dollar store across the front of the cabinets. If you have any flat-style ornaments, they can easily be attached (and easily removed) with Instant Tacky.

That product is SO useful, I use it all the time in decorating. Not just for walls, but I also use it to hold things securely in place, like on my mantel.

Alternatively, you could hang traditional ornaments (or even red ribbon) from the cabinet knobs.

Use Linens

holiday dishtowels hung in the kitchen

Another simple idea is to hang holiday dishtowels from your oven or cabinets. I couldn’t pass up the one above when I saw it.

You can also see here that I have a festive set of potholders hanging from a cabinet knob.

holiday kitchen potholders to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas

These could be used all year, but I like the red and white striped and plaid for the holidays.

Kitchen Counter Decor

As I said, I try to keep the counters free from decor because we need the space. However, usually, I’ll add one small thing. In previous years, I’ve used a topiary plant or one or two mini trees.

This year, I decided to use an amaryllis bulb in a vintage baking tin. It’ll take a few more weeks for this to bloom but it’ll be worth the wait when it does.

Christmas-amaryliss on kitchen counter

I use glass jars or mason jars filled with water inside old tins because they aren’t watertight. I loved it so much last year, that I made it the centerpiece on my kitchen table.

Kitchen Table Christmas Decor

For my Christmas table this year, I made a new centerpiece. I found this old brass pedestal stand while out thrifting this summer.

In that, I first put two mini poinsettias. Then I cut ivy from my yard to spill over the side. Lastly, I filled it in with fresh garland. I truly love how this turned out and it was so simple.

beautiful holiday centerpiece on kitchen table with mini pointsettias

My husband had been complaining about our tiny coffee mugs recently so when I found these pretty, extra-large Christmas mugs I bought them. They’re also perfect for hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows!

If you don’t have festive marshmallows, use candy canes instead. If you have the space, you could even set up an entire hot cocoa bar with all the trimmings. (This hot chocolate toppings set is cute!)

Christmas mugs filled with hot chocolate and festive marshmallows

I also found the cutest little holiday cupcake set recently. It came with coordinating cupcake liners and parchment paper. How cute?!

holiday cupcake liner set

Sprinkle a little edible glitter on top of the icing and you’re set!

I have Mr and Mrs Claus gingerbread people set on a pedestal stand. Using a tiered tray is another great way to display some of your favorite Christmas decorations during the holiday season.

A pretty cake stand filled with Christmas cookies can double as decor too!

Mr and Mrs Claus gingerbread people

Down the center of the table, I ran my favorite fairy lights for a festive touch.

Here’s another look at the gorgeous centerpiece.

red pointsettias in holiday centerpiece

I’ve been wanting to warm up my white kitchen with a neutral paint color on the cabinets but I just haven’t gotten to that yet. Maybe next year!

I’ve also been playing musical table and chairs in here all year after my white table got ruined. I’m not currently happy with any of it (all secondhand buys) but I plan to refinish the table and make it a much lighter, whitewashed wood which will make a big difference.

I also have my eye on some gorgeous chairs at the antique shop.

how to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas

My kitchen is also where we hang our Christmas cards each year. We have a soffit along the back wall, so I usually string them accross that so we can admire them for a few weeks.

Sometimes, I also line the sliding glass doors in my kitchen with string lights. Decorating a kitchen window or door is a great place to add decor that won’t take up any surface space.

I hope you found some ideas here today on how to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas and give your kitchen or dining room that holiday feel!


  1. Your kitchen looks so adorable and inviting.

    1. Thank you Susan, I appreciate that!

  2. Carolyn Vandergrift says:

    I love the little gingerbread people on cake stand. I would love to have them. So pretty.

  3. Looks so festive and happy. Merry Christmas to all

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