Kitchen Makeover Before-One Room Challenge-Week 1

Kitchen before


Hey there and welcome to my latest project-the One Room Challenge kitchen makeover! I’m finally tackling my builder grade kitchen once and for all. The One Room Challenge was started by Calling It Home and it is a design challenge for interior designers and home decor bloggers. You may remember my Living Room Makeover from the last challenge. That makeover was a challenge because it was a room outside of my own home, so working on it sporadically when I could get there was difficult.

My kitchen poses its own challenges because I am undertaking a lot in here. I shared my kitchen makeover plans last December. My old stove, shown in the before photo above, broke and we needed a new one. With that, we decided to purchase the microwave to install above it. That led to taking down the existing backsplash which in turn opened the whole can of worms for remodeling this space.

After making  a few initial changes back in December, we came to a standstill with progress. We wanted to hold off until after Christmas. Then in the New Year we were hit with many financial setbacks preventing any progress.

Now we are back on track and ready to knock this out. To summarize our plans for this room I’ve made a checklist.

  • Buy a new refrigerator
  • Add a row of cabinetry above the existing cabinets to extend to the ceiling
  • New countertops
  • New undermount sink
  • New backsplash
  • Paint existing cabinets
  • Add glass fronts to some of the cabinet doors
  • Install lighting in new upper cabinets
  • Install lighting under lower cabinets
  • Add new cabinetry hardware
  • Install new pendants over the sink
  • Completely makeover the existing table and chairs
  • Paint the walls

I have a couple of more things on my to-do list, but these are the things I am hoping to get done within the six-week timeline. We have our new refrigerator in place, so I have that checked off the list. We needed that first so that we could plan everything else around it. We changed the layout slightly after removing the existing pantry, which we did to allow for a larger refrigerator and to add cabinetry between the stove and fridge. It always drove me crazy that they were side by side. Not energy efficient at all!

kitchen remoldel


small pantry ideas


extending cabinetry to the ceiling

The chandelier shown in these photos has also been replaced with my $27 DIY Orb Chandelier that I thought up and my husband executed for me. As for the other side of the room, I did make a few small changes in there last year by installing a french door to the family room (which used to be my one car garage) and giving the hideous shuttered doors a rustic makeover.

kitchen doors after


This is an ambitious plan to achieve in six weeks, so wish me luck! To my family and friends: if any of you come to visit us in the next six weeks wear old clothes because I’ll likely be putting you to work!


Week 1 –  Kitchen Makeover Before

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Week 6- Kitchen Makeover Reveal



  1. I am so excited to see what you do to this space. Your list looks daunting to complete in six weeks! I am doing my kitchen for the ORC, too but it’s more of a refresh than makeover when you compare it to yours!

    1. Thanks Melissa, I look forward to following along with your makeover!

  2. Good luck! Lol. A kitchen is ambitious! A lot more work than my little guest room. I know you can do it though. Can’t wait to see you transform the space 🙂

    1. Thanks Lindi! I hope you’re right, I may be in over my head this time!

  3. Sounds like it will be amazing. I’m glad to see someone doing a kitchen! I’m doing our master bath and kitchens and bathrooms are tough!! Lol! Good luck!!!

  4. Whoa! Ambitious, much? I’m sure you’ll pull it off beautifully, though!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the updates in this space! Also, I like your comment about putting friends/family to work! Haha, I’m pretty sure that’s why people don’t like visiting us, we’re always working on projects and need the extra hands 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicole. I’m pretty sure my family and friends will be hiding from me for the next six weeks! I’m kind of in design-zilla mode!

  6. That is a very ambitious plan in 6 weeks but I bet it will be gorgeous! Best of luck and excited to follow along.

    1. Thanks Rachel. I look forward to the reveal of your office space, I’m sure it will be amazing!!

  7. Can’t wait to see your kitchen makeover. That’s definitely a big list but I’m sure you’ll get it done!

  8. Your changes all sound so exciting! I can’t wait to see the final result! I’m sure it will be a great before an after!

  9. So ambitious but I know you will do a fabulous job. I love your plans so far, can’t wait to see it all come together.

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