Eclectic Interior Design

Today we are winding down our interior design style series with eclectic interior design as our finale. It seems appropriate to share this last since it’s a combination of styles.

Eclectic design can be tricky to get right. One major tip when combining different styles is to use a common element to pull it all together. Using a common color palette with an eclectic interior design is one easy way to do that.

Just like with any other style, you’re looking to create a harmonious balance. Here are several really great examples of eclectic interiors.

eclectic LIving Room Design

I don’t think I could have imagined coastal design paired with modern this good. The patterned rug and furniture are very modern in shape but the fabric works for either style. The clean straight lines lean modern but the planked ceiling and warm wood tones paired with the whale and seagrass basket all say coastal. So well done!

This very traditional style layout paired with traditional dentil molding looks really amazing with the unexpected modern dining furniture in view from this living room.

The shaker cabinets, island design, and open shelving all say farmhouse style. But the color palette, chairs, and light wood tones are a nod to coastal. The colors pull it all together.

Forever one of my favorite bathrooms is this french farmhouse style beauty.

Here’s an interesting one. French and modern. The ornate details of the walls, the vintage style chandelier, and fireplace say french. However, the majority of the furniture says modern. Again the colors here make this blend seamlessly.

Another eclectic interior that I really love is this traditional style cottage. The colors, the sofas, and the greenery look cottage inspired while the architecture and side tables are very traditional.

Did you notice the cuckoo clock painted white in between the windows? Love that.

This simplicity of this reminds me of Scandinavian interior design but the furniture and scatter rugs are very farmhouse

Even though craftsman-style homes have such a specific, more traditional style molding, modern furniture goes really well. I think it’s because of the natural wood you find in craftsman homes. Using modern furniture in those wood tones really lends itself to a seamless eclectic design.

This last photo has the least amount of furniture but actually fits into three categories. It’s Scandinavian in its minimalism and color palette, it’s coastal with the blues and the view, but also very cottage style with the furniture and windows. How cool is that?

If you look back over all of these rooms you will see that every one of them uses a very specific color palette to pull it all together. It’s another example of how important picking the right paint colors and coordinating a color scheme for your house is!

If you’ve missed any of our previous posts in this design series, here’s a quick recap!

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