Mid-Century Modern Design

Continuing on with our interior design series today, we are moving on to Mid-century modern design. To be honest, this style is my least favorite. But it’s still popular today and many people love it so I will try to do it justice.

What Is Mid-Century Modern?

Much like the craftsman style of design, Mid-century modern design is known for simplicity and functionality. Though the look between the two is very different.

Mid-century modern (MCM) started in America after Bauhaus designers came here from Germany. Much like the arts and crafts movement that inspired Craftsman style, MCM style was born through the Bauhaus movement.

One article I read on Mid-century modern said this: “The Bauhaus movement championed a geometric, abstract style featuring little sentiment or emotion and no historical nods”. Which I think is why I’m not fond of the style, it seems a little cold to me.

Mid Century Modern Characteristics

  • clean lines
  • wood paneling
  • asymettrical roof/ceiling lines
  • lots of large windows/open to outside
  • hairpin legs/skinny leg furniture
  • Bauhaus chairs
  • unadorned/minimalist
  • geometric shapes

MID-Century Modern Living Room

Here are two very different living rooms that both clearly reflect Mid-century modern style.

The first looks smaller in size than most MCM living rooms. Usually the architecture of MCM homes is large and open. Remember the Brady Bunch house? Or in more recent times, the house on Animal Kingdom.

The living room above has the skinny legged sofas, geometric coffee table and straight lines everywhere else. No wood paneling in sight but the leather sofas channel that look.

The second living room here I really like. The fireplace is so cool, love the mid-century modern chairs and the walls of windows.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

Remember that one time on fixer upper when Joanna did a house in this style?

mid centry modern  kitchen style
via HGTV

This kitchen was from that episode. She really nailed the architecture and design on this one.

This next kitchen caught my eye because it’s mostly white. However, it still stays within the MCM style with the wood island, modern chairs, and clean lines everywhere else.

Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

When I tried to think of Mid-century modern rooms I’ve seen and liked I first thought of this next bathroom.

The designer did a great job of keeping the MCM vibe but managed to add a little warmth with the rug and the plant.

small mid century modern bathroom
via HGTV

In a smaller bathroom, simply changing out a standard vanity and adding a round mirror can give you the look without a total overhaul.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Designs

This bedroom is a very classic MCM. The angled roofline, wood paneling, and platform bed are iconic MCM features.

Additionally, the large open windows to the outside also complete the design here.

pretty mid-century modern design bedroom  ideas

via one kind design

The mid-century modern bedroom above was softened up nicely with the curtains and fabrics. The architecture and the low bed keep true to the style even with all the fabrics.

Unlike other design styles, the characteristics of MCM seem very uniform. There’s not a lot of room for variation if you want to keep the design authentic to the style.

Tell me what you think of the Mid-century modern desgin style!

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