DIY Autumn Wreath With Terracotta Pots

DIY Autumn wreath ideas

I was somewhere with a friend a while back and we saw a wreath made with terracotta pots. It really stuck in my mind so I thought I’d try making my own DIY autumn wreath with mini terracotta pots.

Though I made a fall wreath with dried flowers last year, I wanted something different this year. Honestly, I’m not big on crafts. I don’t have a lot of patience for small stuff but once this one got going it was fun. And it came out super cute.

diy Autumn Wreath Supplies Needed:

how to make a fall wreath

How To Make An Autumn Wreath

First, randomly tie on your mini terracotta pots. I used mini terracotta pots in two different small sizes. These I found in Walmart and Michaels, for under $1 each. To attach them to the wreath, I used fishing line. It’s strong and it’s less visible than twine.

simple fall wreath ideas

Thread the fishing line through the hole in the pot and tie it to the grapevine wreath. Honestly, this was the most tedious part. Most of them went on easily enough but a few kept flopping and not staying where I wanted them. That was easily solved with a little hot glue.

You can use as many or as few as you like. I used eight mini terracotta pots and spaced them randomly in different directions.

wreath with mini terracotta pots

Once the pots are secured, begin filling in between them. I attached sheet moss in between using hot glue. That part gets messy so be sure to have something underneath to protect your table.

Additionally, add some moss into the pots. That will help cover the fishing line and create a little base for your foliage and/or flowers.

how to make a wreath with terracotta pots

After the moss is filled in, begin adding the fall foliage. This was the most fun part.

For the fillers, I used a variety of leaves, foliage, berries, and mini pumpkins. I had purchased some larger flowers but ending up not using them because I liked the smaller scale of all the other foliage.

I added them all a little at a time and filled it in randomly until I liked the overall look.

fall wreath for front door

When it was done, I realized I had forgotten to pick up a ribbon to hang it. I found some satin black ribbon in my stash and used that. It can be changed later if I see a ribbon I like better.

DIY Fall wreath with mini terracotta pots

This DIY autumn wreath turned out pretty cute, didn’t it? This may even lead to a few more fall crafts this year.

DIY Autumn wreath with mini terracotta pots how-to


  1. Leslie Zagrobelny says:

    Your wreath turned out really cute. Good job!

  2. Beautiful – I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long time. Your step by step instructions make it seem doable. (My patience can run our pretty quickly 😉).

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