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Design trends come and go but interior design styles don’t change much overall. Some styles crossover to others, and sometimes the name of the style changes.

Now that it’s almost summer I thought it would be fun to do a design style series. It’s important to have a sense of what your overall style is to have a cohesive home. Especially when it’s so easy to be distracted by what’s in front of you. or by what others are doing. However, if you narrow down your style, it will be far easier to hone in on what works in your home.

Each week for the next several weeks we will focus on a particular design style. We will look at the characteristics of each style as well as visual examples through photos. It will be light and easy reading for your summer days. By the end of it, you should be better able to identify which one speaks to you.

What Are The Different Design Styles?

interior design style series

We will be focusing mostly on the popular 2021 interior design styles but will include some past classics as well. You know they always come back sooner or later! Here are some of the different styles we will be looking at (update: click any of the links below to learn more on that style):

This series will evolve as the weeks go on, so if there is a particular style you’d like to see that isn’t listed above let me know in the comments.

How To Choose A Design Style

interior design styles

Taking a deep dive into each of these interior design styles will really showcase how to coordinate a cohesive style at home.

Another way to keep a cohesive look is with color, which can easily throw even experienced decorators off. Our Picking Paint Colors ebook will not only help you pick your wall color but will help you tie it all together with your furniture, accessories, and even your fixtures. I highly recommend checking that out along with our design style study for a better overall vision.

Creating mood boards is another way I like to make sure everything “works” together. Whether you make them online or do it the old-school way, this is a great visual reminder of what you’re working towards.

And lastly, to make this even more fun, I will be hosting a few giveaways throughout this series. The giveaways will be tied to the interior design style we are reviewing each week. Be sure you stay tuned for that!

Interior Design Styles Quiz

Welcome to week 1 of our summer interior design style series.  Follow along to hone in on your design style and learn how to create a cohesive home!

To help get you started ASAP, try taking a design style quiz. It will give you a kickstart into your design style. This design quiz is a good one to try. This is just for fun, enjoy! Let us know in the comments what category you got! We can compare notes as the weeks go on.

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