Classic Light Fixtures That Stand The Test Of Time

There’s nothing worse than updating your house only to have your picks go out of style a few years later. That’s especially true with something that’s hardwired in, such as light fixtures. Today I thought we’d take a look at some beautiful, classic light fixtures that will stand the test of time.

Classic Light Fixtures for Kitchens

Even though kitchen lighting really needs to be functional (aka task lighting) it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well.

This chandelier will make a statement in your kitchen in the most subtle of ways. Isn’t that beautiful?

A glass shade will let the eye travel and not block the view.

Imagine this one over an island or over your table. I love the curved shape of it as opposed to a plain rectangle. It’s a subtle difference with big impact.

classic light fixtures for bathrooms

With so many options for bathroom wall sconces it can get overwhelming. Sticking to classic light fixtures will help you rule out many options right off the bat.

Though gold metals are big right now, I don’t think silver will ever be out. This sconce is a safe choice with just enough detail on the glass to make it a little more interesting.

A similar style for over the vanity in a timeless matte black finish.

I am really partial to gold fixtures right now, especially if you can find aged brass. This one is gorgeous for the bathroom. I can also see this mounted next to the bed over the nightstand.

classic LIght fixtures for dining room

It’s the simple twist on the classics that I love best. The Soho chandelier above is a little more interesting with the extended bottoms. Very cool and classic all at once.

It doesn’t get more classic or timeless than crystal. Crystal chandeliers have been around for ages. This one is pricey because it’s a stunner!

Timeless bedroom lighting

Chandelier lighting for 8′ ceilings can be tricky, especially in a bedroom. Small chandeliers have worked well for me but there are many pretty flush mount options as well.

This simple flush mount fixture above is my favorite of all. I might have ordered this when writing this post. 😉

Another really pretty option for over the nightstands in a bedroom.

The swingarm style is useful if you like to read in bed or need additional task lighting.

foyer lights

Of all the rooms in the house where you can take a risk and make a big statement, I’d say it’s the foyer. However, even then you may want to stick with a classic light fixture that you won’t soon get tired of.

You cannot go wrong with a black matte candelabra style fixture.

This would be pretty in the top of a stairwell or if you have ceilings higher than 8 feet. It would also look really good in a narrow foyer or entry.

The chandelier above is on the pricey side but the craftsmanship of this one is so beautiful I can see why!

What Size Chandelier?

Now that you have a list of classic light fixtures, check out this helpful guide on how to pick the right size chandelier for your house.

The Three Types of Lighting

One quick lighting tip I just remembered from design school is that each room should have three types of lighting: overhead, task lighting, and ambient lighting.

It creates interest to have them at varying heights which really kind of naturally happens anyway. Ambient lighting can be as simple as a candle so don’t go too crazy trying to work it all in. These are loose guidelines but helpful when starting from scratch decorating a room.

Which of these classic light fixtures is your favorite?


  1. Leslie Zagrobelny says:

    Thanks for the lighting feature, I got rid of a gorgeous brass chandelier and put up a bronze one and after a few months I regretted it. It was too late because I had donated it to Habitat for Humanity and it was probably sold before it hit the floor of the Restore. I’m not listening to peoples opinions anymore and I’m following my gut now.

  2. What brand is the matte black foyer light. I know it sells in Shades of Light but what is the brand name.

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