Chandelier Lighting for 8′ Ceilings

How to hang a chandelier in the living room - wayfairWhen it comes to design, scale matters. I’m talking about chandelier lighting today (the one above is from Wayfair*). Obviously the higher the ceiling the taller the chandelier should be. The way to figure out the right size for your room is to multiply the your ceiling height by 2.5-3 to get the approximate measurement in inches. For an 8′ ceiling that would be 20-24″.

How far it hangs down from the ceiling varies depending on which room it’s in and what is below the chandelier. If it’s open space below it should generally have 7′ clearance underneath. Over a dining table you want at least 30″ of clearance between the table and the fixture. In a bedroom over the bed you can get a little lower than the 7′ clearance rule, but not too much so.

Finding chandeliers that are 12″ and under can be difficult, unless it’s a flush mount. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite chandelier lighting today for 8′ ceilings. First, let’s look at close-to-the-ceiling fixtures. If you will be walking under it, a flush mount is likely your best bet.

small chandelier lamps plus quoizelQuoizel 13′ Chandelier


Ellisia crystal chandelierEllisia Crystal Chandelier 


rustic flush mount chandelier with candlesRustic Flush Mount Chandelier


polished nickel chandelierPolished Nickel Chandelier


You can see more close to the ceiling fixtures here. Next are some more of my picks that’ll work even if you don’t have tall ceilings. Often times, the chandelier lighting will be hanging over a dining table,  a bed, or a  living room table. In these cases, you can go  larger than 12″.

living room chandelier ideasBennington Chandelier


white beaded crystal chandelier from WayfairFlorentina 5 Light Chandelier


gorgeous chandelier lighting for 8' ceilingsBrighton 5-Light Chandelier




Rope chandelierRope Chandelier



Ashely 4-light mini chandelierAshely 4-Light Mini Chandelier


white beaded chandelierWhite Beaded Chandelier


Rustic Round ChandelierRustic Round Chandelier


When it comes to design,  rules are made to be broken and I would never rule out hanging a large, statement chandelier in any space! Which one is your favorite?


12 Chandeliers for 8' Ceilings Pin


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