20 Amazon Home Finds That Will Make Your Life Easier!


Are you all about convenience and making your everyday life easier? Well, get ready to kick back and relax because, in today’s blog post, I’m diving deep into Amazon Home finds that will elevate your domestic bliss to a whole new level.

From cleaning tools to handy gadgets, I’ve scoured my order history from the last 5 years to present you with a curated selection of products that will help streamline your tasks. I’ve only included products that I’ve either (1) reordered multiple times or (2) use again and again!

So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let’s uncover the magic of these Amazon home picks that will offer you a little more convenience.

Because convenience is what Amazon does best, isn’t it?

hooks and hangers

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me mention these picture hanging hooks before. I absolutely love these and use them all the time. Even more so lately after opening my antique shop. I even did a whole blog post on these and how they are the easiest way to hang pictures ever!

the best Amazon home finds

More recently, I’ve been on a vintage plate kick. I’ve been using the dishes for gallery walls both here and at the antique shop. These plate hanging hooks are easy to use, and very secure. You simply attach them to the plate and hang them on the wall (using the hooks I mentioned above)!

plate hanging hooks

Another very convenient way of hanging things is these S hooks. I use them outside to hang my planters from the porch. Otherwise, they are too high up and I can’t reach them for watering. Another way I use these is in the antique shop to hang baskets from the ceiling.

S hooks for hanging pots

One thing that really annoys me is when I try to open curtains and they won’t pull open or close easily. That is never a problem when I hang curtains with these round curtain clips. They slide over the curtains rods so easily. These come in a variety of colors and diameter sizes.

round curtain ring clips

best cleaners from amazon

With pets, I’m spot-cleaning my area rugs constantly! The best spot remover for carpets that I’ve found is Folex. Since I’ve tried this one, I won’t buy anything else.

best carpet cleaner - Amazon home finds

Another pet peeve of mine is when my delicates or bathing suits get twisted up in the wash. That is no longer a problem since I bought these laundry bags for delicates. They work great and can be used in both washing machines and dryers. I use them daily.

laundry bags for delicates -  Amazon home finds

I’ve had a spin scrubber for several years. The model below is the newer version which I haven’t tried because I still have the older one.

I use this every time I clean my tub and shower. It’s not super powerful as far as the motorized part goes, however, I really love the different cleaning heads (I use them all) and the handle extender. This product I’ve had for a few years and I’m still happy with it.

spin scrubber for bathtubs and showers

Having spray bottles always comes in handy. I prefer these amber spray bottles for my DIY cleaning solutions because they’re a lot prettier to look at than the plastic ones.

amber spray bottles

best protectors

A friend of mine just recommended these brilliant clear furniture protectors for those bad kitties that like to claw furniture. It’s such a great idea and it will save your couches!

clear furniture protector for cats

Without this rubber jar opener, I would not be able to open almost anything in my kitchen! It’s a must-have that I use daily.

rubber jar opener

I’m not sure how many people move furniture around as much as I do but these furniture sliders save my back when I do. They come in 2 varieties, one for hardwood floors and one for carpets. I have both and couldn’t live without them.

furniture sliders

best tool kit

Another product I don’t think I could live without is this general household tool kit. It has all the basics and I use this often. I’ve had this for many many years. When my daughters moved out, I bought them each a set as well. Super handy and it’s so organized!

My favorite Amazon home find is this convenient tool kit!

great drawer organizer

I’ve said it before, but organizing is not my strongest quality. But I do have and love these drawer organizers. I like that you can open the drawer and see what you have in there at a glance. Marie Kondo would be proud.

This drawer organizer is one of the best Amazon home finds so far


This list is getting quite long with photos but here are several more things in my order history that I would highly recommend!

Do you use anything on this list? If you have other favorite Amazon home finds not mentioned here please share in the comments!


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  1. I came across your blog and I must say, it’s fantastic.
    One of the best finds is the drawer organizer, it would make life so much easier. I would certainly get one.

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