Ice Cube Trays for Flavored Ice

Do you make your own ice tea and lemonade in the summer or do you go for store-bought? I’ve been thinking about making my own, which led me to an online search for a new pitcher set. While I did find one, I also came across these really cute ice cube trays.

Which then gave me the idea to make my own flavored ice cubes. I use a lot of ice in my drinks to the extent my kids make fun of me. Our ice maker broke recently and they joked they better not take the last piece of ice.

Summer to me is about keeping it simple, especially in the kitchen. (Truth be told, I’m always about short cuts in the kitchen.) A fun, simple way to enjoy a hot afternoon is to make a pitcher of your favorite beverage and infuse it with flavored ice cubes.

I found this set of two fun ice cube trays on The Home Depot site. Each is made of silicone, one is a traditional square ice cube tray, but in a larger size and the other is a round ice cube tray.

First I used the large square tray to make ice infused with lemons and oranges.

ice cube trays large square for fruit flavored ice

The lemon cubes can be used in just about anything. Water, diet soda, ice tea, there aren’t too many beverages that lemon juice doesn’t work in.

lemon infused flavored ice cubes

Additionally, you could make your own flavored seltzers or teas. Really the possibilities are endless. This would definitely be a fun and creative project to do with your kids too!

glass pitcher set and how to make flavored ice using large ice cube trays

Next, I used the square ice cube tray again using mint leaves from my backyard and lime slices. I love cold lime mojitos on a hot day and these ice cubes are so perfect for that!

mint and lime flavored ice cubes

With the round tray, I added raspberries. I thought the raspberries would be good added to a cold glass of white wine.

round ice cube trays

My daughter used these up faster than I could make them.

raspberry ice

Fruit-infused ice cubes would also be ideal for sangria recipes.

The marble cutting board under my little display here was another great find from The Home Depot. It gives the whole vignette that something extra.

glass pitcher set

These flavored ice cubes are such a simple idea but are so fun to experiment with. Both of my daughters really enjoyed them! The ice cube trays are silicone, which means they can also be used for candle making. I plan to use the round tray molds to make floating candles next.

Of course, the pretty pitcher set makes the display a little more elegant. I find myself heading to The Home Depot more and more lately for home decor. They have everyday low prices on home decor year-round, and thousands of items to pick from.

I rounded up some more beautiful pitchers that caught my eye while browsing.

This post was in partnership with The Home Depot and may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own. You can read my full disclosure here.

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