Sherwin Williams Rhinestone & A New Paint Tool


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Finding the right paint color isn’t always easy! With the plethora of options available, in a rainbow of undertones, it can take some investigation to get it right!

I first discovered Sherwin Williams’ Rhinestone when I was looking at neutral paint colors for my daughter’s bedroom. I wanted a very light wash of color that would pair well with most everything. Rhinestone from Sherwin Williams was the perfect neutral.

While I really do love an all-white backdrop on my walls, I felt my living room needed a bit of color. My husband and I installed board and batten on the walls in here a few years ago. The white walls weren’t really letting the pretty detail on the board and batten stand out.

Having also used Rhinestone for my niece’s living room paint color, I knew it was a good option for mine as well.

Cool New Painting Tool

In addition, I also had an interesting new tool I was itching to try out from Wagner Spray Tech. It’s called Smart Sidekick.

painting tools, living room paint

How it works is, the Sidekick will pull paint from your paint can and feed it right into your roller. This eliminates the need to constantly stop and reload your roller. Genius!

paint filler, painting tools

The unit easily attaches to your paint can. It also includes an extension if you’re using a large bucket for big jobs. The handle on the roller has a button you can press that turns on the paint feed.

painting tools, smart sidekick

You may notice my paint can says Benjamin Moore. That is the brand sold at my local hardware store so I had them color match Sherwin William’s Rhinestone for me.

You do not need to climb up and down the ladder 50 times to reload your paint. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about trying the Sidekick but after using it I am a fan! It made the painting go so much quicker. I enjoy painting but there are only so many hours in a day to get things done so if it saves time, it’s for me!

paint roller tools, how to paint a living room

Much like the paint sprayer I often use, to clean it you just run water through it until clear.

Rhinestone from Sherwin Williams: The Perfect Neutral

Just to give you an idea of how light and airy Rhinestone is, you can see it here on the outline of the wall. When I first started painting it, it was so light I could hardly tell where I had applied it. Once it dries, it’s a bit darker.

living room paint colors, the best neutral

It gives a light wash of color that contrasts so nicely with bright white trim.

living room painted Sherwin Williams Rhinestone SW 7656

I also love this color because it pairs very well with all wood tones, and all metals. It also somehow works with both warm or cool colors. It’s really the chameleon of paint colors.

Sherwin Williams paint colors

You really can’t go wrong with Sherwin Williams Rhinestone. Or with the Smart Sidekick. They make a winning combination!

This post was in partnership with Wagner Spray Tech and may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


  1. BEautiful contract now with the board and batten. I wish I would have known about this color a few years ago, i would have used it my bedroom. It looks so VELVETY on the wall. WagnEr looks like an easier way to paint. THanks for sharing.

  2. Cindy Brooks says:

    I love, love, love my Sidekick!

  3. Maureen Baisden says:

    Can you use this to stain a wood fence?

  4. What a time savEr for painting!! I need to tru this tool.

  5. I started painting my entrance high celing walls with this color today. My home is facing north. so far, I see more blue than gray. The painters just started today and I wish it will look like yours. so far, I just want to cry. I love baby blue but I really want it to look like the light gray it shows on your pictures.

    1. Oh no, Patty! That is so weird. I’ve used this color in both north and south-facing rooms and have never had a blue tint at all. Did they prime the walls first? Are there wall colors in adjoining rooms casting a color onto the entrance walls?

    2. My walls look blue, too, with Rhinestone 🙁

  6. I love rhinestone. What color white did you pair this with?

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