The Best White Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Untitled-3Not all white paint is created equal.  Today I wanted to talk about the best white Benjamin Moore paint colors.  Just like with any other paint color, when you go to the store to buy it, they mix it for you.  They are mixing it with other hues which will make up the undertones in the paint.  Depending on what color you select it can appear warm or cool.  If you want it to appear warmer, look for yellow undertones.  If you want a cooler look go for blue undertones.

As with any paint color, you should try the swatch in your space.   When paired with the other colors in your home, it can bring out the undertones and what once looked white can suddenly look different.

This following list of paint colors are the ones I see used over and over from designers and bloggers.  These are all from Benjamin Moore with the exception of the last one, which is Sherwin Williams.

The Top White Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Are:

White Dove (OC-17) This is my go-to white paint.  I’ve used it in my daughter’s room as well as my family room.  A true white with no yellow undertones. It’s mixed with a hint of gray which is just enough to keep it from looking too stark.   It works well with cool or warm pallets.

Sophie-Metz-Design.-Benjamin-Moore-Paint-Colors.-Benjamin-Moore-OC-17-White-Dove-BenjaminMoore-OC17-WhiteDove-White Dove image via


Simply White (2143-70)  Was the Benjamin Moore color of the year in 2016. It’s a good balance of warm and cool tones but leans towards warm with subtle yellow undertones.

benjamin-moore-color-of-the-year-01 Simply WhiteSimply White image via AD


Decorators White (OC-20) Is a good choice with just a hint of blue undertone.

decorator's white by benjamin moore best white paint colorsDecorator’s White image via DecorPad


Paper Mache (AF_25)  Has a slightly green undertone, it would look good paired with tans and blues.

trim painted paper macheTrim painted Paper Mache, via Made By Katy


Chantilly Lace (OC-65) Is a cooler white with blue undertones.

the best white paint colors, benjamin moore chantilly laceChantilly Lace Benjamin Moore Paint Color via BlogLovin


Cloud White (OC-130) Has a hint of yellow, with cream-colored undertones.  Works well in traditional rooms, kitchens, and baths.  It’s a warm white.

best-favorite-white-paint-color-benjamin-moore-cloud-white, Driven By DecorCloud White via Driven By Decor


My Favorite White Paint from Sherwin Williams:

Super White (SW 6995) Pro Classics – is my top pick for trim, moldings, and doors.   I use this one all of the trim in my home.  You can see how I used it on the trim in my daughter’s room here. Super white Sherwin williams painted trim


When I was helping my niece with her kitchen makeover, we wanted to repaint her cabinets white.  She decided to do this one weekend when I wasn’t around so I told her to get a “pure white”.   When she went to Home Depot, she told that to the guy and he ended up giving her the base paint, without mixing it with anything.  I thought that was worth noting if you want a pure white and don’t want to worry about undertones.



The Best White Paint Colors with little undertones, benjamin moore, PIN benjamin moore paint colors


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  1. I want to paint my walls cloud white in the living room. Did you also paint the trim cloud white when you used it?


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