One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Last week one of my blogging friends posted that this One Room Challenge is making her feel like the mayor of crazy town. Hilarious, but so true!

I thought choosing a bedroom for my ORC makeover would be easy, especially after completely renovating my kitchen in six weeks. I should know by now with any renovation project it always takes longer and is more involved than initially planned. But after 6 weeks of actual blood, sweat and even a few tears, here is my finished space!

This is what we started with…

One Room Challenge purple bedroom before

and now…

neutral bedroom makeover one room challenge



dark purple bedroom before makeover

And after….

rustic desk bedroom makeover home office teen bedroom

A drastic improvement for sure even though not everything went as I had planned. I had to make a few compromises and find a few substitutes for my original plans. One of which was the desk chair. The one I really wanted was just not in budget at this time. I found the cane chair at an antique store for $20 and gave it a makeover to better suit the room.

Finding the right headboard was a huge stress factor in this makeover for several reasons. When I was in the very beginning stages of planning my design, I visited an antique store where I found the perfect headboard that ever existed. It was completely unique and only $40! But sadly, it was a king size and I needed a full. There was no way to make it work. So I planned my design still with that in mind, thinking maybe I’d find something similar somewhere else. I didn’t. In addition to that, not all full beds are created equal in size and I needed exactly 55″ width or it wouldn’t fit with my nightstands. Every time I found one that worked with the design, it was the wrong size. Then my husband and I decided to DIY one. But with the clock ticking, I realized two weeks ago that there was no way we had time for that too. Finally, I found this one from Wayfair* that fit the space and the design. I love it, but honestly I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that first headboard from the antique store. First world problems, I know.

bedroom makeover card catalog nightstands DIY barndoor

For the bedding, I knew I wanted a white and linen combo. However, buying linen duvet covers or blankets can get really expensive. To get the look for less, I found these amazing linen sheets from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I used them in combination with white bedding to achieve the white and linen look without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Bedroom Makeover, get the look of linen bedding for less!

I also spent an asinine amount of time picking the right throw pillow combination. Again, there were pillows that got away, sold out just when I needed them! I do love what I ended up with here though. (You can find the floral pillow here and the neutral textured pillow here).

Of all of the projects in the room, I have to say the barn door that my husband built might be the showstopper of the room. My daughter’s favorite color is green, so I painted it green, with a farmhouse distressed finish. No more bi-fold closet doors!! You can see how we built the barn door here.

Bedroom makeover Replace bi-fold closet doors with a sliding barn door in farmhouse green.chandelier

As for the hanging orbs, I’ve had those in a closet for at least a year waiting for the right place to use them. My plan was to turn those into chandeliers for over the nightstands. I had bought pendant lighting kits to do that but at the last-minute I decided I really didn’t want a wire hanging down the wall. Since my daughter wanted me to add string lights somewhere in the room, I wrapped these orbs with glimmer strings for now. I still plan to make those chandeliers in the future. (To my husband, you’re not getting out of that DIY project!).

Bedroom Makeover, replace old closet doors with a DIY sliding barn door in farmhouse green.

Of all the projects in this room, it was the curtain rod that nearly put me over the edge. As I was hanging it on the wall, the nails weren’t grabbing. So I started again, using the anchors this time. Even the anchors were falling out. It was as if the wall was crumbling around it. SO frustrating. Luckily my husband came home and was the voice of reason in my distress (this is a role reversal for us!) and fixed it all up for me. He said the screws were too short and so were the anchors!

one room challenge bedroom makeover industrial pipe curtain rod


For the desk area, I wanted to pack in as much storage space as possible to help keep things organized. This little desk organizer is perfect. In a small space sometimes you have to hide things in plain sight.

bedroom makeover organized desk

I also picked up this multi-functional rolling cart. This will be used for my daughter’s extra notebooks and text books as well as for her makeup. She can roll it right over to the mirror when she needs it. I could think of a use for this in every room.

bedroom makeover rolling cart organizer


I added an ottoman to the end of the bed for extra clothing storage. With the nightstands and this storage ottoman, it eliminated the need for a dresser, freeing up space for the desk.

bedroom makeover with textures and added storagerug/serving tray (similar)

I kept things mostly neutral but I did add a few pops of green to echo the barn door. I added books with green to the nightstands.

neutral bedroom makeover with pops of greencomforter set/chandelier

I also added a bit of green to my DIY garland above the bed. The beautiful wall decor I originally chose for this space is still on backorder, I still plan on using it when it comes in. In the meantime, I pulled that frame right off my bathroom wall to hang above the bed. I made the garland because the frame looked a little bare and I wanted to incorporate a little more green.

Bedroom Makeover DIY rag garland wall hanging


I also brought a few touches of green in the artwork above the desk. (You can find the art shelves here, the barn print here and the cow print here.)

bedroom makeover rustic shelves over desk, how to hang art over a desk


Because the room is mostly neutral in color, I relied heavily on textures for this space.

neutral bedroom makeover textures

Clockwise:  fringe pillow, basket and textured blanket, fringe bed skirt, textured woven blanket

Now that the six-week challenge is over, it feels a little like Christmas. It was a whirlwind leading up to it and now I have a lot of catching up and cleaning up to do.

Thanks to my husband for getting on board the six-week crazy train with me again. For building the beautiful barn door, helping me install the flooring, fixing my curtain rod disaster and all of the other details, too long to list here!

Bedroom Makeover - Neutral bedroom with tons of storage in a small space

Thanks also to my wonderful sponsors who made this makeover possible: The Home Depot (flooring) , Metrie (crown molding), Bed Bath & Beyond, Minted, Antique Farmhouse, and Flowings Etsy shop. Thanks also to my contractor for installing the beautiful crown molding.

To say this was an exhausting six weeks is really an understatement. I can’t wait until the next one, lol.

If you missed weeks 1-5 you can catch up below.

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  1. Roxanne, you did it!! It turned out so great, congrats! I love the lights, I want hanging lights that are OFF my nightstand!! Great job :).

    1. Thanks April, it was a crazy six weeks!

  2. The space is beautiful and so comforting! The barn door and the shade of green you used is perfect! Love the light fixture and the rolling cart and the desk and the accessories…ok, ok I’ll stop there because love it all. You did a great job and now you deserve a relaxing nap, haha.

    1. Thanks Rachel, if only you lived closer we could celebrate the finale together with a drink!

    1. Thank you Cassie, I do love that barn door!

  3. I just knew your bedroom transformation would be one of my favorites! That green barndoor makes the room. Kudos!

  4. Kendra @ says:

    That room is truly stunning Roxanne! The flooring, decor, bedding & lights are all gorgeous! So glad this orc is over! xo

    1. Thank you Kendra, this one was exhausting but worth it!

  5. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE how much brighter it looks with the lighter colours worked in, but I’m totally crushing on that beautiful pop of green in the sliding barn door! SO pretty!

  6. Such an awesome transformation! That barn door is amazing!

  7. Roxanne,
    You are amazing !!! This room is beautiful. Thank you for choosing FLOWINGS on Etsy. It was my pleasure to work with you on the chair cover. Love it .

    1. Thank you Shelly! It was wonderful to work with you, I love the beautiful chair cover!

  8. What a great look! You have really given the room an updated feel. I especially love that desk and chair!
    🙂 gwingal

  9. Oh wow, such a gorgeous transformation! I love the bed, the lighting fixtures, and of course that beautiful green barn door!

  10. Marty Oravetz says:

    So chic and elegant with a touch of rustic charm. Such a great mix of furniture and accessories. Love it all.

  11. It’s beautiful! The green barn door is so amazing! Kudos to your hubby on that one! I love the bed too, but I totally understand the feeling of something not being what you are picturing. Congrats on finishing the room!

  12. Can you hear me screaming and clapping and woo-hooing from Florida? Wow, wow, wow this space is so gorgeous I don’t even know where to start. I love all of the neutrals and the textures and all the yummy layers that are in this space. They are all special! I know you guys are happy to be finished with this project but also to have a place for your sweet girl to rest and relax. It’s stunning. I could curl up here any day of the week. Thanks so much for the shout out, hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks Coco, let’s have a virtual drink to celebrate the finish line!

  13. ROXANNE! HOLY MOLY, what a makeover!!! I can’t stop staring at those hanging lanterns and the green barn door. This is an insane makeover!

    1. Bre, thank you! 🙂

  14. What a beautiful room makeover. Doesn’t look like the same place. Great job!

  15. I love the bright new look you gave this room! The green barn door is beautiful!

  16. Roxanne, this makeover is so beautiful! You are right, the door is a show stopper. You have such a gift for room design.

  17. GREAT job, Roxanne! There are literally too many projects that I love here to mention them all. I can appreciate the meltdown that ensued over the curtain rods. There is nothing like a good ORC in the last few weeks to make even the calmest, most laid-back person to their knees, shrieking! Your daughter is a lucky girl!

  18. OH My Stars! This is one amazing transformation! Love everything, but that green barn door! Gaaaahhhh! All the heart eyes. And it has been a crazy 6 weeks, hasn’t it? Ready for October? LOL… Nahhh. not yet. Now it’s time to relax. Super congrats on a super makeover! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  19. Roxanne, Just Love the room! That barn door is gorgeous and I am loving the green. All the pieces you chose for the room are just stunning!

  20. The green door is my favourite element too! And you’ve managed to pack in so much more storage, but in subtle ways so it’s super convenient 🙂

  21. *Swoon* Gorgeous! I love all the natural elements – wood, wicker, plants, that fabulous rug thing … you nailed it Roxanne! xx

  22. Wow, I love it! So serene. That green barn door is amazing!

  23. Wow! Your room transformation is beautiful! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm! Pinned!

  24. Your bedroom is light, bright, and updated, now! It looks beautiful. The farmhouse touches are so much more contemporary. It’s a gracious and inviting space.

  25. Beautiful bedroom makeover, it would be paradise sleeping in that room. I swoon over the two pendants and wondered how you moved them. You did a great interim job, they look fantastic and modern. Everything in this room does. Congratulations.

  26. Wow, what a beautiful transformation. I didn’t mean to laugh at the screw and anchor situation but that’s happend to us and I feel your pain! Yay for hubbies. I think the frame above the bed is my fave. Well and the bedside table lights, and the shelves above the desk and the headboard…! Found you on the WOW linky party BTW. 🙂

  27. Congratulations on a gorgeous makeover, Roxanne! I know it wasn’t easy, and was a race to the finish, but you and your husband did an incredible job! I love the mix of textures, the custom barn door, the flooring, and that ingenious rolling cart!! It all works wonderfully together 🙂

  28. I’m so inspired! I really need to be working on getting my craft room into something usable. Thanks for sharing at #ORCBM

  29. This is a gorgeous makeover! I love how light and bright it is now and that green barn door is incredible!

  30. Hi!! Love the makeover! Is the flooring Life Proof, Walton oak? How has it held up? I’m looking into doing my whole 1st floor! Thanks for any input!

  31. Just beautiful!

    How did you cut the vinyl plank long way? My planks are 48″ long…..

    1. Thanks Ruth! For those pieces, we used a Dremel tool. It’s basically a handheld saw.

  32. Lovely! What color are the walls and trim?

    1. Thank you, Maureen. The walls are Dove White (Benjamin Moore) and the trim is Sherwin-Williams Pro-Classic paint in Bright White.

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