Covering Wood Knot Spots With Paint

how to get rid of knots in woodIt’s week 2 of my $100 Room Challenge bathroom makeover.  If you missed last week, you can catch up here where I showed you what I’m starting with in my little half bath.  The photos of the plankboard walls were especially embarrassing to share, because the wood knot spots that starting showing up through the paint made the walls look dirty.   Fortunately, I was able to tackle that problem first.   When we first installed these planks I covered them with regular paint, but after time the wood knots starting bleeding through.  I did a little research and found out that I needed to use a shellac based primer in order to cover them and keep them from coming back through.

There weren’t too many shellac primers to pick from in the store,  so I ended up picking Zinnser*.  One coat of this mostly concealed the knots, but I could still see a hint of one or two of the darker wood knot spots so I went ahead and did two coats all around.  I found this to be a bit more watery than regular paint, so be careful of drips.

Zinsser primer how to hide knots in wood

Once the primer was dry, I painted over it with my Dove White paint color (from Benjamin Moore).   This has become my go-to paint color around the house.  I like the white backdrop so I can switch out my accents colors often.  It also makes for easier storage.  When you paint many rooms the same color there are less paint cans to keep around for touch ups.  Which is a good thing, because having too many paint cans around is a pet peeve of my husbands (mine is gum chewing, but I digress).

how to cover knots in shiplap


Since we were snowed in last week with our first blizzard of the season, I had a little extra time at home.  I was able to get the upper half of the room primed for painting as well.  I asked my daughter to look at my paint decks and pick a gray out that she liked, she has a good eye for color.  She picked these two:

Paint samples 33

Choice 1 is White Metal (top left) and choice 2 is Double Click (second one down on the right), both from Behr.   Which one do you like better?

I’m so happy those yellowish looking spots on the planks are gone, I can’t believe I lived with it like that as long as I did!  I’ve not used this primer before so only time will tell if it keeps those wood knots hidden long term.

As far as the budget on this $100 Room Challenge, the only money I’ve spent so far is $13 on the can of Zinnser primer.   The primer I used for the upper walls, and the Dove White paint were things I already had.



How to prevent wood knots from showing through paint PIN wood paint

Visit the links below to see what progress my friends have made on their rooms this week.  We will be back again next Wednesday with another update!

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13 thoughts on “Covering Wood Knot Spots With Paint

  1. My husband is a big fan of Zinner. It covers all sins. The paint color is great and how nice that your daughter helped you pick it out. My girls are back to school and the other in her home in Ohio. 🙁

  2. Oh yeah, Zinsser products are the best. I’ve been painting everything that can’t escape for many years and I am a big fan of primer in general.
    Bulls Eye (water based) is my favorite but sometimes, even though my husband accuses me of trying to poison him, you must get out the Big Chemicals.

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