Decorating With Vintage Christmas Finds

My favorite pass time is shopping flea markets for vintage finds. This year I used many of those finds in my holiday decorating. I showed you some of my vintage Christmas ornaments last week when I shared my tree decorating ideas. Today I want to show you more about how useful these flea market finds can be.

On a side note, be sure to stick around to the end today. My blogger friends are also sharing their Christmas decorating, lots of inspiration all around.

Finding beautiful vintage pieces at rock bottom prices is one of the most satisfying things for me. You know I’m always striving to beat the high cost of decorating! Using bargain finds in my decor makes me feel good that I didn’t pay crazy retail prices for them.

I set up my little dining nook area with several vintage pieces I found this year.

Decorating with vintage Christmas ornaments and other flea market finds is so satisfying!

Would you believe these glasses with the blush stems were a flea market find? I paid about $25 for a set of 6. They’re so pretty I decorated the table around them.

Not only were these glasses budget-friendly, but they are also pretty rare. I’ve searched for glasses with pink stems before and they are very difficult to find. The only similar glasses I found online are these and they’re almost sold out.

vintage glassware with blush colored stems for my Christmas table

These blush ornaments (find similar ornaments here) are also vintage Christmas finds. I actually borrowed them from a friend who wasn’t using them this year. They match perfectly with the glasses and go well with the linen napkins. I have several sets of pretty napkins but I choose these every single time, they’re definitely my favorite.

vintage Christmas ornament in pink blush

The white flatware was another flea market find. I was a little skeptical about using these, but I obviously I washed them within an inch of their life. I figure it’s no different than eating in a restaurant. And for $8 for a huge bag of them, I couldn’t resist.

holiday table setting with white utensils

I added a mix of new and vintage Christmas finds in my hutch which you may remember was also a second-hand find. You can see the before and after hutch makeover here.

vintage Christmas decorating, creating the aesthetic

My Christmas centerpiece took me about 10 minutes or less to put together. The little crock that it’s in was a flea market find ($2!), I added some greenery and a large amaryllis bulb.

I spent more on the amaryllis bulb than I did for most things on this table, lol. The bulb is really cool due to its massive size so I think it was worth it. I bought that in-store but I see on their website they offer amaryllis bulbs wrapped in moss which is even prettier.

Easy Christmas centerpiece that you can make in 5 minutes.

Here’s a better look at the crock that the centerpiece is based in. I have a small pedestal bowl inside the crock to give the amaryllis bulb height and to give the roots of the bulb water.

Decorating the dining room with vintage Christmas finds

This table setting was simple and inexpensive yet it’s still so festive. The wreath hanging in the window is actually fake. When I saw it in the store, I found it so realistic looking that I bought it. I figured that’s an investment for future Christmases.

You would never believe this holiday table was decorated with budget friendly vintage finds

Much like my entire house, my vintage Christmas decor is really a mix of old and new. Using vintage or second-hand finds helps keep costs down and they usually end up being my favorite pieces!

Are you a flea market shopper? What are some of your best finds?

Thanks to my friend Leigh at The Little By Little Home for organizing this Christmas hop! You can see what everyone else is sharing below!


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  1. Oh my gosh this is stunning! I love the touches of blush and the vintage stemware is GORGEOUS ! What a find!

    1. Thank you, Susan. Those glasses were an amazing find!

  2. Roc love the Room. HUtch Is beautiful

  3. Oh i love it! Those GLASSES are so pretty! The cloth napkins are great, i like the combination of the slubby off white linen wIth the lace and they match the color of the crock so well. You can’t beat a simple rustic crock, so many uses and they go with everything; it’s An excellent contrast for the Sparkley pieces. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jill! I appreciate that!

  4. Marilynn Turner says:

    love the artificial wreath, it is so realistic looking. everything is so pretty.

  5. Roxanne,
    i adore these vintage finds in your home. so pretty! and your centerpiece is so creative!

  6. I learned something from your blog today, ( in addition to how to set a beautiful table!). “Pass time” didn’t look right. I have always thought it was “past time”. But thinking about it, your version made more sense. Looked it up and found that the correct version is actually one word, “pastime”.

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