The Ultimate Guide to Beating the High Cost of Decorating

Decorating. It can seem like a frivolous thing. Especially when the cost of decorating can add up faster than I can hide the UPS boxes from my husband.

cheap decorating ideas that look expensive

However, it’s really not frivolous when you think about it. It’s not about showing off your home to others or trying to one-up the neighbors. Decorating is about how you’re home makes you feel, and how it makes your family feel.

That’s important.


So, today I have a little surprise for you. I’ve been working on something behind the scenes over here. If you’ve been following along with me for any amount of time, you know by now that I am always thinking up ways to decorate on a budget. That is out of necessity, but even if I had an unlimited decorating budget, I wouldn’t overspend on home decor. Additionally, I do like the challenge as well. When I can create a DIY chandelier or imitation designer closet doors, for a small fraction of the retail price, it’s a very satisfying feeling!

Beating the high cost of decorating, eBook guide

My goal has always been to share all I’ve learned with you. So I’ve taken all of my decorating and DIY experience and put together an eBook called The Ultimate Guide to Beating the High Cost of Decorating! I use the term eBook lightly, it’s under 20 pages long but I packed each of them with my best cheap decorating ideas.

ultimate guide to beating the high cost of decorating eBook - a must read!

Such as when and where to find the best deals, how to repurpose and reuse outdated items, and how to think outside the box. It’s full of practical tips and tricks you can use to create a beautiful home without draining your bank account.

How to beat the high cost of decorating, eBook

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I am committed to decorating my home on a budget and I want to share with you how you can do the same! You can also read 11 ways to beat the high cost of decorating here.

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The Ultimate Guide To Beating The High Cost of Decorating


  1. Thanks so much – so helpful and inspiring! 🙂

    1. Thank you Claudine!

  2. Hi Roxanne-

    I am a subscriber, but I accidentally deleted your book when I was trying to save it. Could you please resend it?

    Thanks, Pam

    1. Hi Pam, yes I will!

  3. I am a subscriber too and don’t recall receiving this……….and I check my spam daily and you weren’t there. Could you please resend as this sounds like an awesome read! Thank you!

    1. Hi Julia, yes I’ll resend!

  4. I like your decorating tips and style.

  5. Anne Kennedy says:

    Another subscriber here who did not receive your book. Please send! Can’t wait!
    Thank you,

  6. COnnie. Doyle says:

    I am a 69 women and have always tried to do anything and everything . I love New ideas. I built my first porch one year ago. I am wanting to build a a fire place arouNd an electiC Fire HeateR. ANY IDEAs?

  7. Hi. I am a subscriber as well but dont have the book. Can you resend? Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Kim, I will email you the link to the book.

  8. Stephanie Lieser says:

    Hi roxanne,

    I donT mean to sound like a repeating randy, but I didnt receive. Can you send link to me, please? I receive your emails but this is the first Ive seen anout your book.
    Thank you for all you share!!

    1. No problem Stephanie, I will get that emailed to you today.

  9. Maria Lozano says:

    Hi I’m a new subscriber and I’m looking for ideas. I just got new grey flooring in my living room (water damage) and I can’t decide what to do or what color TV stand and end tables.. I was thinking white with Rustic & Distressed Finish. I’m hoping this will give me ideas.. thank you so much,

  10. Polly Lunt says:

    Hi! I am a subscriber. Would you please send the link to your ebook?
    Thank you!

  11. I am trying to subscribe but I’m unable to do anything but put my email address in and try unsuccessfully to push the subscribe button.
    I would love to have your ebook.


    1. I’m sorry there was an issue that’s resolved now but I will email you the book.

  12. Hi. I am a subscriber but have not received the book. Can you please resend it!

  13. Srinivas Prabhu says:

    I clicked subscribe and got the confirmation email but did not receive the ebook. Could you please share the link to download the ebook?


  14. Mari Lynn Markey says:

    Hi Roxanne,
    I, too, would love to have your book. But, I’m also having an issue with nothing happening after I click on subscribe.
    Can you please resend me the book to me?
    Thanks very much!

  15. Hello & happy Tuesday 😊
    I’m having the same issue others have commented about.
    I’ve searched my email but am unable to find the e-book.
    Are you able to resend, please?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Desiree, It’s been resent. Enjoy!

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