7 Amazing Trends To Try Right Now In Home Decor

I’ve learned that following trends in home decor are not always the best idea because design trends change so rapidly. However, there are some trends worth keeping!

My new rule for myself is don’t invest too much money into anything that’s trending, keep big-ticket items classic and neutral and you likely won’t regret them later.

That said, today I’m sharing some amazing trends I’m loving right now. I believe these are ideas that are here to stay!

Trending: Vintage Everything

The love of vintage and antiques is selective (I love it, my niece is not a fan) but it’s been around a long time and isn’t going anywhere. It just happens to be having a big moment right now and I am definitely here for it!

Everything from antique furniture to vintage art is showing up big on Instagram. And I can’t get enough of it!


painted trim trends
via carpendaughter

I’ve done posts on painted trim and neutral paint colors before. So again, though this is a popular design choice at the moment I think it’s safe to go ahead and try this one. This look won’t go out of style. Plus, it’s only paint and easy to change!

I recently painted the trim in my bathroom and I love it so much that I’ll probably carry that through my downstairs. Just as soon as I find the time to do more painting!


How gorgeous is this kitchen, above, with those window shelves?

Open shelving is everywhere from kitchens to bathrooms right now. It’s nice to display your prettiest items but also doubles as storage which is always a win in my book!


green-wall-paint-ideas trends
via ispydiy

I believe earlier this year I did a design trends prediction post and green paint was on the list. It’s still going very strong! I often see green painted beadboard paired with wallpaper. It’s such a pretty, rich look.

NO Upper Cabinets In THe Kitchen

trends - open kitchen shelving tidbits
via tidbits

Can you imagine sacrificing your upper kitchen cabinets for shelving instead? This look is everywhere right now! I find it really beautiful but not sure how practical that would be in the entire kitchen. I like how it’s done in the photo above, with just a nook of shelves to display your prettiest kitchen items.

Peg Racks

Peg racks for display are another fun look. They’re often paired with the open kitchen shelves. Here is one peg rack shown across the top of the beadboard and painted the same color. I see this look often too and love it!

Gallery Walls

I have to be honest, when gallery walls first started a few years back I wasn’t sure they’d be around long. But here we are and they’re still going strong!

I love a gallery wall of vintage art. Another idea is a gallery wall of mirrors. Mix and match whatever speaks to you!


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