Painted Trim Ideas {That Aren’t White}

Don’t get me wrong, I love classic bright white trim. However, painting your trimwork a color other than white is a fun way to add some interest. It can really make a huge statement on its own as you’re about to see.

Though this photo has minimalist decor, it still has a feeling of warmth thanks to the painted trim work paired with the colors in the painting and the warm wood tone chair.

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Break up an all white space with a light wash of color. This entry is so beautiful.

off white painted trim colors

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Make a bold statement with a moody paint color on the trim and doors.

dark gray trim room for tuesday

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An otherwise mostly white space looks pretty contrasted with this charcoal gray.

contrasting trim work

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There’s a lot to love about this living room. The light gray painted trim adds another layer of interest here.

mushroom paint color

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Make beatiful architecture like these gorgeous doors stand out even more with a pop of color.

blue painted arched doors

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This bathroom from fixer upper just goes to show you that shiplap isn’t the only trend Joanna started.

fixer upper bathroom

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Continue the trend on your board and batten or wainscoting.

board and batten paint color

via: the wild decoelis

Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming sometimes. Painting your walls a soft neutral with contrasting trim throughout is a simple solution for a cohesive color scheme!

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  1. Love it! I think it makes a huge impact, nice job!

  2. in the last picture what are the names of the 2 colors used and what brand paint?

  3. Good afternoon question about the color of the paint in bathroom and the mud room. What is both colors on the walls and the Wayne’s coating? It is beautiful. Thank you

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