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I always had difficulty picking out art for our walls in my early days of home decorating.

It was similar to the saying “Indecision leads to paralysis.” I ended up just buying mirrors because I couldn’t commit to art.

But now that I’ve developed such a love for vintage design in my home decor, I have difficulty narrowing down what I DO like!

I often buy art when I’m out antiquing but I also like to source it online. There’s a whole world of art out there from talented artists. And not just from the United States.

This is how the art shop got started. I source amazing vintage fine art, resize it, and turn it into digital art that fits modern-day frame sizes. This takes SO much time, but I find it satisfying.

Selling art this way allows me to offer it at a super affordable price with no shipping costs (which are outrageous these days anyway).

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pairings from the art shop.

Some are recent additions to the shop, several of which I have hanging in my home already. Almost always, I’ll print them in giclee print to hang in photo frames without glass. This gives the most authentic look of an original painting! It’s an easy way to get the look for less.

And even if you don’t have any vintage or antique-style furniture in your home, vintage art prints can add character all on their own! I would argue they also mix well with modern decor.

It’s often the finishing touch a room needs! So if you love vintage wall decor here are some of my favorite picks for adding a unique, personal touch to your home.

vintage art wall decor pairings

This first pairing is for you if you like nautical, but done subtly. The colors on these two prints look as if they were meant to be together from the start!

vintage art wall decor - nautical-wall-art-ideas
shown: canoes 2; captain

Still Life art with fruit is another favorite of mine. If you don’t know what to hang on your kitchen or dining room walls, this type of art is a great solution.

shown: pears; still life

Whenever I hang multiple pieces of wall art, whether in two’s or a gallery wall, a good piece of sketch art always helps balance things out. Simple sketches are the most versatile type of art. I have both of these prints hanging in my bathroom.

Botanicals and butterflies are also great if you are indecisive. I have these two framed and standing on each side of the bed in my daughter’s room.

Of all the art in the art shop, that violin sketch has to be my favorite. I have both of these prints in my living room.

vintage art wall decor - cool wall art ideas !
shown: melody; banjo

These two are both new arrivals. Using more color in the home is one of the latest trends (after the all-white-everything years) and you can never go wrong with blues and greens.

However, I do enjoy dark and moody art as well. Dark wall art prints help to anchor a neutral room well.

shown: ferns; swans

The ballerina is another favorite. She’s just lovely.

shown: ballerina; ballet

Botanicals and landscapes are another safe bet if you’re indecisive about wall art. I do love pairing a dark print with a lighter print for contrast.

As a reminder, these are all reproduction vintage wall art paintings and sketches from original prints that have been digitalized and resized for modern-day frame sizes!

Offering them this way makes it super affordable and that’s always helpful when decorating on a budget! And also in this economy where finding anything affordable is more and more difficult.

Keep in mind, if you see any vintage prints you’d like in an unusual size, such as large-scale prints, send me an email as some can be customized! I also have a post on how to print art in odd sizes if you want to do it yourself.

I often resize them for myself when I find great vintage frames while out antiquing.

Giveaway: vintage art wall decor


I’m offering a vintage wall art deco giveaway today. Two people can choose any two prints from the vintage art shop at no cost. It will be delivered electronically to the lucky recipient’s email address for instant download!

To enter: leave a comment telling me which two prints you’d choose. I’ll pick a winner by next Thursday (May 30th) and you’ll be notified via email!

I hope these unique pieces inspired you! No more blank walls!


  1. Hi Roxanne! I love the Statues and Irises, because, well, blue and green!

    Love all your art and have purchased some in the past. Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. These are all lovely. I particularly like Floral Sketch and Blue Iris. Thanks for the give-away!

  3. Roxanne,

    The butterflies would look dynamite in our power room!

  4. So hard to decide, all are so great. I think the vase and the Parisian bridge are both so pretty and soothing.

  5. Beautiful choices – mine would be pear & still life! Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Such a good assortment you have in your shop! It would be a very difficult choice. Two of my top contenders would be the Sisley painting of the flooding Seine and the parisian Bridge which I believe is the Pont Neuf. Not sure of the painter. Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. What a hard choice! You did a lovely job with pairing the art. I finally narrowed my favorites down to the following..
      Canoes/Captain. The colors and matching theme look like they were painted side by side.
      Vase/ Bridge
      Butterflies I/II

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