Decorating With Vintage Home Decor

decorating with vintage home decor

Adding vintage home decor to your house is a great way to create character and interest. The more vintage items I bring into my home the more I like it!

Shopping second-hand for vintage goods started as a way for me to decorate on a budget, but once I started, I couldn’t stop!

Today I thought I’d take you on a little walk through my house to show you the vintage decor I’ve acquired over the last several years and how I use it to decorate.

Sometimes, I’ll find a piece and know instantly where I’ll use it. Other times I just buy what I love with the hopes of finding the perfect spot for it. When that doesn’t work out, I’ll resell it on marketplace, knowing it may be the perfect piece for someone else.


The vintage caned bench below was a purchase I knew I was going to use. Before I found it, I had started to create a small breakfast nook and I was actively searching for the perfect bench.

It took a while but I finally found this beauty. Not only was it the perfect size, but I also got it for a steal! The woman selling it had it on her outdoor balcony (she clearly didn’t like the piece) and said it had belonged to her grandpa.

dining nook ideas with bench seat

On the other side of this area is where my primitive dining hutch lives. It’s such a beautiful piece for display and is great for storage. Furniture that fits both those criteria is always a home run in a small space!

The dresser below was another really great find. The woodtone is so pretty and I love the wood carved drawer pulls. Additionally, every single thing on this dresser is vintage! It’s one of my favorite vignettes in my house.

bedroom dresser antique

This four poster bed is another piece of antique furniture I fell in love with. The man I bought this from said his grandparents owned a furniture store in North Carolina when they were younger. This piece was in their house as long as he could remember.

antique four poster bed

The only problem with antique beds is that they don’t fit with standard-size mattresses. I didn’t realize this until I got it home so I had to find and order a custom mattress that would fit with the antique bed.

Having this beautiful bed was worth the effort (and the cost). It’s also the most comfortable mattress in our house.

accent pieces

Don’t underestimate the power of a few great vintage accent pieces.

In my kitchen, I’ve incorporated smaller decorative elements. The copper pots over the stove, a few vintage crocks I use as vases, and an old basket for storage are just a few of my vintage finds.

vintage home decor in the kitchen

I especially like copper which has darkened over time, like this pan.

Antique cutting boards and vintage baskets are two things I have a hard time saying no to when I find them.

vintage wall decor and hanging baskets

Old books are another item I can’t pass up at the flea market. I also like any vintage home goods that can be used as a vessel for flowers or accessories.

small entryway with vintage home decor

The old champagne bucket is perfect for displaying flowers. The brass umbrella holder is great for displaying canes or tall branches.

I also really love old mirrors. I have so many of those at this point you’d think I was exteremly vain. Smaller-sized mirrors are especially great because you can use them on shelves or a mantel for a vignette.

wall decor

I’ll buy almost anything if it’s old and can be hung on a wall! In my foyer, I have a great carved wood piece with pegs for hanging jackets.

small house interior design

In my little half bathroom this small brass shelf is used for display. Someone told me this type of shelf was likely used in old train cars.

Pediments aren’t easy to find so I get super excited when I come across one. I hung a wood carved pediment over my open pass-through to give that area some character.

vintage art

All the art in my own home is either antique paintings or reproduction antique paintings from my vintage art shop. I never used to buy art because I couldn’t find anything I loved in the stores. Once I moved to vintage art, I had a hard time finding any I didn’t love!

adding vintage home decor in the kitchen

The owl sketch in my living room is an original sketch and the vintage ship painting is a reproduction. I framed it in an old picture frame without glass. That is my favorite trick for giving reproductions a truly authentic look!

living room with large vintage ottoman

My little George and Martha prints that are nestled into my books were found at a flea market. I loved them so much, that I searched for similar prints and added them to the online shop.

incorporated vintage home decor into your house

The lady art in my upstairs bath is another repro in an old frame with no glass. The dark colors of that one are a nice contrast with the muted color palette in this room.

how to create a vintage home decor

When out shopping, keep in mind anything can be wall art! You can use tapestries, rugs, quilts, burlap bags, and even old flags as wall hangings.

where to buy vintage home decor

People often ask me where I find vintage home decor. My answer is everywhere! I am always on the hunt so I shop at antique stores, Facebook marketplace, flea markets, antique shows, garage sales, and even the occasional estate sale.

If you want to shop vintage home decor locally, here is a list of places to check out. Just do a Google search of these terms with the name of your town at the end.

  • Antique Shops
  • Flea Markets
  • Antique Shows
  • Estate Sales
  • Garage and Yard Sales
  • Thrift Stores

Keep in mind, that buying vintage pieces comes with challenges. You often have to get up very early for the markets and sales and fight through the crowds. With furniture, there’s lots of heavy lifting involved. Often pieces need to be repaired, cleaned, and sometimes stripped and painted.

antique store display

For those reasons, antique stores are the easiest place to shop. Usually, there aren’t any crowds, the cleaning and repairs have likely already been done, and some stores offer delivery for furniture. That’s why you’ll pay a little more for items at an antique store but I can usually dig up some great things in my price range at antique shops.

where to buy vintage home decor

where to buy vintage home decor online

Another lesson I learned lately is when buying something online check those measurements first! If you’re going to spend time driving to pick up a piece you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there that it isn’t what you thought.

Another downside to buying online is you really can’t inspect the item yourself. What may seem like a great value could end up costing you more time than it’s worth.

Also, note that the color of an item could be completely different from how it shows on a computer screen.

While I prefer to shop vintage home decor locally and in person, I have found some great things online. Here are a few places to shop vintage online.

Also, if you’re on Instagram, look for vintage accounts. Many vintage sellers will sell right on Instagram. Others will link to their Etsy shops so it’s a great way to find sellers you like. I don’t use Facebook as much, but I’m sure you can also find sellers there.

With all that said, I do love the thrill of the hunt so much that it makes it all worth it when I find that unique piece that fits in my house.

using vintage chairs for plants

Even though I’ve been piecing vintage pieces into my home over time, it has given the house a more cohesive look. It also adds such character and warmth.

I love to mix modern with antiques in our living spaces for contrast. (By modern, I mean new store-bought pieces).

What do you think? Do you love adding vintage style and antiques to your home or is that look not for you? Tell me in the comments!

You can shop for similar items by clicking any image below!


  1. Ruth Myers says:

    Almost everything I buy is used or vintage. We have frequent and plentiful estate sales in our area so those are my go to. Consignment stores have been good sources too. I’ve found great vintage prints and original artwork for a song. I love your aesthetic. Mine looks different. That’s the beauty of second hand, antiques, and vintage – no cookie cutter or generic looks!

    1. Thanks and I couldn’t agree more!

    2. The thrill of the hunt really is the best part!

  2. Teddee Grace says:

    You have many lovely pieces. I do most of my shopping at thrift stores and, based on items listed on Vintage Keepers, of which I was unaware, I need to increase my renter’s insurance!

  3. You have many lovely treasures. Our home is filled with vintage, antique as well as new pieces. We’ve been home keeping 53 years and started early with dues and hand me downs. Everything has a story and our guests just love how curated it all is. We still love consignment stores, it’s our carousels activity.

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