How To Paint Appliances Stainless Steel

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Did you know that you can paint your appliances?

I thought about waiting to share this project until the entire makeover was done, but decided it would be fun to share as I go along.  I’ve been hinting at the fact that I’m doing a little makeover at my niece’s house.    I’ve always wanted to makeover her dining room, and that is how it all started.  But one thing led to another and we ended up starting in her kitchen.  We decided the first step was to paint the appliances to look like stainless steel.

I was slightly skeptical when deciding to try this paint, but I am really happy with the results!   If you have appliances that aren’t so pretty, but are totally functional, then keep reading to learn how to paint appliances!  In this next shot you can see the dishwasher and the stove before.


It’s a galley kitchen and it’s really a light and bright space, it just needs some updating. Here are the plans we have.

Paint appliances – stainless steel

Paint the countertops

Install a backsplash

Refresh the cabinets with paint and new hardware

Paint the floor


We are updating this kitchen on a very small budget, as I usually do.  The appliances are in good working condition, and they fit the space well so there is no real need to replace them for cosmetic reasons.  I had seen liquid stainless steel paint online, and admittedly I was a little skeptical if this would really work, and not look cheap or fake.  The people at Giani were gracious enough to send me the liquid stainless steel paint as well as their countertop paint to try.  For appliances, the liquid stainless steel has one kit for the refrigerator and a second kit for the range and dishwasher.  The range and dishwasher kit are designed to handle high temperatures.


Stainless Steel paint

Items you will need*:

Liquid Stainless Steel Fridge Kit

Liquid Stainless Steel Range and Dishwasher Kit



Painter’s Tape

Second paint tray


Prep Work:

Even though I was a bit skeptical, I was excited at the possibility that this would work, and it did not disappoint!  To begin, we first used painters tape to block off the areas we didn’t want the paint leaking on to.  I’ve done tons of painting and I have to say, do not skimp on painters tape.  Pay the extra few bucks for the better brands, it is so worth it!  Next,  I read  the directions twice to be sure I was doing it right.  The kit comes with the roller, foam brush and the wide foam brush.


How to Paint Appliances:

Once your prep work is done, the first thing you need to do is mix the paint very well.  My niece and I were so excited when we opened the can-it’s so pretty!



We started with the dishwasher.  The key to using this paint is to apply very thin coats, letting them dry in between.  But to be honest here, I never wait the entire recommended drying time.  It became a joke by the end of the day.  “Oh the directions say wait an hour in between coats, so….5 minutes should be good”.   You first use the roller to roll on the paint, immediately followed by the wide foam brush to smooth it out. It is recommended for the dishwasher that you apply the paint in a side to side motion as opposed to vertically.  Here is the dishwasher after we applied the first coat.  Note, we didn’t have any dropcloth on the floor here.  We plan on painting the floor later, so we weren’t too worried about it.  But when we got to the refrigerator it got really messy,  and we quickly covered up the floors.   You’ll definitely want to put something over the floors before beginning!



This shot shows how it looked as I was applying the third coat, I had painted about 3/4 of the way down the dishwasher at this point.  You can see how it fills in as you apply each coat.  I was pretty amazed with the results.



Once you have your desired finish it’s time to add the glaze, which comes with the kit.  This is why you want a second paint tray.  Because we were doing all 3 appliances in one day, it was convenient to have one tray for the paint and one for the glaze.   To apply the glaze, you roll it on just as you did with the paint, then we used a paint brush (as opposed to the wide foam brush that we used with the paint) to work it in, and remove the excess.  It looks white as it goes on, but it dries clear.



While we waiting for each coat on the dishwasher to dry (it dries fast by the way) we started on the stove.  You can actually use the range paint on the stove top which is awesome!  The stove top was the hardest thing to paint because of all the little grooves around the burner and because you are working with smaller areas here, not a large flat surface like on the dishwasher.

How to paint a stove to look like stainless steel


This is the stove after two coats.  We ended up doing a total of 3.



We also painted the range hood cover with the range paint kit.  While waiting for each coat on that to dry, we moved onto the fridge.  For the fridge, it’s recommended that you paint in an up and down motion, rather than side to side as is recommended for the dishwasher.  With the fridge we noticed that after we rolled on the paint and then went over it with the wide foam brush, that it created a lot of drippings.  This is why you really want to make sure your area is covered with a dropcloth or newspaper.  To help prevent massive drippings, we thoroughly wiped the wide foam brush off on the paint tray after each swipe.   This next picture shows the fridge after 2 coats.

how to paint kitchen appliances to look like stainless steel

The spots you see on the cabinets are where we removed the old, oddly placed knobs and filled them in with wood filler.  As I mentioned, painting them is on the list.

On the refrigerator, we actually used 4 coats of the liquid stainless steel, while the dishwasher and range only took 3 for complete coverage.  We used the glaze on all 3 appliances and the range hood cover.  I have to say, this liquid stainless steel paint from Giani really amazed me, see for yourself!



To purchase both kits will cost you a total of about $100 – far less then buying new appliances!



So far, so good!  A big thanks to Giani Granite for supplying these products for our makeover!  I will share the countertops soon, we got them started over the weekend but haven’t finished them up yet.  In the meantime, don’t forget time is running out to enter to win $650 in PayPal cash!  We also have a separate giveaway going on today on Instagram where you can enter to win a $100 Michael’s gift card!  Good Luck!


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How to paint appliances - it really works and it looks amazing!



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18 thoughts on “How To Paint Appliances Stainless Steel

  1. Hello,

    Your appliance’s look fantastic. I was wondering how the paint is holding up? Is it scratching, chipping or peeling? Also, I was wondering if you can still put magnets on the appliances?

    Thanks for such a great idea and tutorial.

    1. Hi Paula, the paint is holding up really well! No scratching, chipping or peeling at all. We have not put magnets on the appliances since painting, I didn’t want to chance it.

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