Displaying Indoor Plants

Now that we’re in the middle of winter, most of my indoor plants are hanging on by a thread. They just aren’t tolerating the forced heat conditions in my house. Considering everything is looking a bit too gray inside and out, I wanted to bring in a little more greenery to help brighten up these winter days.

I’ve mentioned this before but back when Oprah was on TV she would often have Nate Berkus on. I never missed an episode when he was appearing. I hung on every decorating word he said. One of which was artificial plants were a big no-no.

Well, that was the 90s and this is now and I’d dare say that artificial plants are back in. The good quality ones, anyway.

You could probably call me a plant lady. I love all types of plants, but they don’t always love me back. I brought in all of my summer plants and they were all doing well until about mid-December. Since then, they’ve started dropping like flies.

Between the struggle to keep them alive, and the fact that my cats think they are treats, I’ve embraced the artificial variety. You can place them anywhere that needs a little life regardless of the amount of sunlight.

Don’t get me wrong, I do mix real low light houseplants (check out our favorite indoor plants here) in with the artificial plants but you wouldn’t be able to tell which is which if you came over.

And because decorating is an ongoing process of learning what works and what doesn’t in your home, it’s taking me time to get the plants figured out around here. Today I wanted to share with you a few ideas for displaying indoor plants, or in this case indoor trees that I found at Nearly Natural.

For my Ficus tree, I used a small vintage stool to elevate it and make a little display in the corner of my kitchen. The Ficus tree came in a different pot, but I placed the whole thing inside of this green pot I found at a flea market last year.

I was just waiting for the right plant to use with it. I’ve learned to always buy what you love even if you aren’t sure where you’ll use it right away.

You may remember I used this exact same tree in my daughter’s dorm room makeover last year. I liked it so much I ordered a second for our house.

indoor ficus tree

To make it look even prettier, I added some faux moss inside the pot. I picked up two of these bags at Michael’s store but I only needed to use one in the green pot.

artificial moss

Even real plants look more finished when you add moss around the base. It looks much nicer than dirt.

using artificial moss in planters

Though this Ficus is very realistic looking even up close.

ficus tree leaves up close

Isn’t that crazy?

Next is this Olive topiary tree and it’s adorable! We had our Christmas tree in this corner and since taking it down it has looked very bare.

olive topiary tree indoor plant

I’ve always love flowers and plants displayed in vintage buckets, the contrast between fresh greenery and the rustic pots is so beautiful. This topiary came with the bucket as its pot. I used my end table to give it height in this corner.

However, I was wondering what it might look like set inside of a basket instead so I gave that a try. It just so happened that the Olive tree fit perfectly into this basket that I had.

the best artificial topiary tree plants

While I really liked both looks, I opted to leave it in the basket. The basket helps to brighten up the corner a little better. When I’ve used baskets with live plants in the past, the problem becomes watering them. You have to have it set up to be able to remove the plant or it’ll eventually ruin the basket. With this artificial tree, I don’t have to worry about that.

The olive topiary came with moss around the base already so I didn’t add any extra to that one.

Displaying indoor plants in baskets & the best artificial trees, olive topiary

It’s amazing what a few indoor plants and trees can do to wake up a space. This might just hold me over until it’s warm enough to go outside and work on the gardens again.

*This post was in partnership with Nearly Natural and may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own, read my full disclosure here.


    1. I figure with the amount of money I spend over the course of the year buying and killing real plants, that this would balance out, lol!

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