Christmas Tablescape


As I mentioned when I shared my no-sew cafe curtains, I’ve been working on my dining nook area. While it’s still not 100% finished, it is close. I’m enjoying this little space and decided to put together a small Christmas tablescape in here.

Christmas tablescape The Honeycomb Home

For the centerpiece, I filled a pedestal bowl with paperwhite bulbs. I was trying to time those to bloom for Christmas but they’ve started already. They take about four weeks so if you start them this week you may have blooms for Christmas day.

I filled the bottom of the bowl with small rocks and placed the bulbs on those. Then just keep it filled with enough water so that the roots are submerged.

I could not resist buying these pretty Santa dishes. They have a vintage look which you know I love.

vintage style Christmas plates with Santa

For another festive touch, I tied dried fruit slices onto linen napkins. I bought these in the snack section of a store but I liked them more for decoration than snacking. You can easily make your own dried fruit by baking fruit slices in the oven.

I’ve never done that myself but I believe you bake them on a low setting for several hours.

vintage Christmas table ideas

On a side note, my friend and her husband were visiting last weekend and he asked if these flower bulbs were onions lol. He’s a big former marine guy and looked very confused about this.

Christmas Centerpiece

Honestly, even when they aren’t blooming I like the look of the exposed bulbs.

growing paperwhite flowers

The votive candles in the glasses aren’t very practical but it does look pretty.

Christmas table

The gingham tablecloth is a good neutral color so I can use it as a backdrop for any seasonal tablescape. I also like the subtle pattern on that one.

Christmas table setting

Here you can see more of the little nook overall. On the walls, I used a mix of flea market art combined with art from my vintage art shop.

I have a few more tweaks to make in here but those won’t happen before January.

I’m also working on a Christmas centerpiece for my kitchen table which I’ll be sharing soon.

Stay tuned!


  1. Charming! Love the plates and napkins especially.

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