Pretty Cottage Bathroom Ideas For Timeless Style

Whatever your design style may be, cottage-style interiors seem to be loved by everyone. It’s definitely my favorite. Today I wanted to share some of the prettiest cottage bathroom ideas I’ve found.

Cottage style is a great way to go in small spaces but you don’t necessarily have to have a small bathroom to get the look.

Cottage style can lean a few different ways. Coastal cottage, shabby chic, or even a rustic bathroom can be cottage style. It all depends on your interpretation of it.

Elements For a cottage-style bathroom

To create a cottage-style bathroom look in your house, there are a few key elements that will help you get the look. Use a combination of the design elements listed below for a true cottage-style bath!

  • clawfoot tub
  • floral wallpaper
  • paneled walls
  • vintage pieces
  • vintage chair
  • pedestal sinks
  • antique mirror
  • wooden stool
  • sheer curtains
  • vintage art
  • antique vanity
  • natural elements

Floral Wallpaper

The quickest way to get a cottage-style bathroom is with floral wallpaper. It immediately sets the tone for cozy cottage charm.

And what says charm better in the bathroom than a claw foot tub? The vintage accents here really add to the overall charm.

When I think of cottage style, I usually imagine small bathrooms. However, you can get the look in a large space as well. The floral wallpaper in the bathroom above instantly makes this larger room feel more cozy.

Here you see wood paneling combined with wallpaper. This is another instantly classic look! The open shelving and small side table offer room for storage space and bathroom decor.

Lots of White

While I’m always drawn to vintage styles, this next bathroom is such a stunner. It’s a great example of a more modern cottage-style bathroom.

What started as a plain white bathroom was really elevated with the design choices. I love the perfect blend of colors.

You still have the vintage pieces and freestanding bathtub as the focal point. This is a beautiful example if you’re looking for more subtle cottage bathroom ideas.

beautiful all white bathroom with vintage accents
via digdigs

The bathroom above with its warm white walls, charming white sink, and casual sheer curtains is another pretty example. Claw foot tubs and vintage chairs are a recurring theme in many of these bathrooms.

Another common theme I see is freestanding bathtubs placed in front of large windows. The windows let in plenty of natural light. I love that the tub above has its own nook. So cozy and charming.

Claw Foot Tubs

Claw foot tubs are the best focal point in a cottage bathroom!

For a more rustic look try having rough textured walls in your bathroom. You can easily get this look yourself with Roman Clay. It’s very easy to apply.

I love the antique vanity in this bathroom. The more vintage pieces the better in my opinion.

You may notice another recurring theme happening in these cottage-style bathrooms; a wooden stool with vintage patterned rugs. The room above looks to be in an older house with gorgeous built-in shelves. Again, paneling in a light neutral color takes the overall look up a notch.

Wood Paneling

Lots of natural wood is another way to add charm and texture. This is an updated look to farmhouse bathrooms though blended beautifully with modern updates.

If floral wallpaper isn’t your thing, a great way to get a cottage look instantly is with wall paneling. Some great options are traditional wood paneling, shiplap, or beadboard.

All of which will add tons of character to any room. Here it’s painted a pretty off-white (another recurring theme) and extends to the ceiling.

A patterned rug and vintage armoire add interest, pattern, and contrast to the otherwise monochromatic space.

Who wouldn’t want to retreat here after a long day?

Another cute idea is the shutters on the inside of the window. That’s an easy way to add instant cottage charm! The plumbing that comes up through the floor really gives this one a country bathroom or old farmhouse vibe.

Natural Materials

pretty vintage vanity in bathroom
via tumblr

Antique dressers used as bathroom vanities add so much charm. A standard vanity almost seems basic next to this look.

Just this one piece in the room adds so much visual interest. The wood tone brings in a natural element and adds warmth. The carved details on the backsplash add character.

The rustic beams paired with the more modern elements such as the glass door shower and tub make for great contrast. This is really an eclectic cottage-style bath.

When it comes to cottage bathroom ideas, a marble countertop on the vanity is always a timeless choice. It also brings in a natural element. As does the linen shade.

Vintage art hung on off-white walls is the perfect touch.

Skirted SInks

We can’t talk about cottage bathroom ideas without mentioning skirted sinks! I really love this look!

The basketweave tiled floors above are classic all on their own. Pairing those with the skirted sink, rustic door, and charming wall sconces shows such attention to detail.

Notice also the beautiful light fixtures. Wall sconces with fabric shades are extra charming.

What a stunning bathroom!

In this bathroom, you’ll begin to see a pattern again. Floral wallpaper, skirted sink, beadboard walls, and a vintage mirror and artwork. This one was done by Heidi Callier, my favorite interior designer. She knocks it out of the park every time.

Less can also be beautiful as you see in this bathroom. I love the gingham pattern on the sink here. Gingham is a great alternative if you don’t love florals but want a cottage look.

Small space cottage bathroom ideas

The room above is a good example of a simple way to create the cottage look without a freestanding tub. You can see many of the elements we already talked about in this room.

Shower curtains give a softer look than glass shower doors and lean more towards cottage style.

Lastly, I wanted to show a freestanding tub that also doubles as a shower. This is another way to get the cottage look in small spaces that don’t have enough floor space for both a tub and a walk-in shower.

Again you have your pedestal sink, a warm wood table for a natural element, and lots of white space. The basket is great for storage and texture in this room as well.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to achieve this look! Even a few of these ideas can go a long way in improving your bath.

I hope all this bathroom inspiration has helped you put together some of your own cottage bathroom ideas. Here are a few pretty things to get you started!


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