Inexpensive Flooring That Looks Like Real Hardwood


You guys had several questions about the flooring in my daughter’s room last week when I posted about her white dresser. You will not believe it when I tell you how much these beautiful floors were!

Another thing you might now believe is how long they sat in a corner before we finally installed them. We bought them in November…of 2017! These were intended to be for our master bedroom. I really wanted white flooring in my daughter’s room but the condition of my daughter’s carpeting was so bad I couldn’t wait.

First, the price. Only $.99 a square foot on sale! I was in the Home Depot the other day and they still have these exact floors* for the same exact price as we paid over a year ago. The day we bought them, we weren’t shopping for flooring but the quality and finish on these caught our eye so we went ahead and grabbed some.



I didn’t photograph us installing these. They are laminate vinyl planks or “floating flooring” as it’s sometimes referred to. You can read a detailed how-to on installing vinyl plank floors here.

The only downside with these particular floors (and it’s minor), as opposed to the vinyl plank flooring we installed in my younger daughters room as well as downstairs, is that these do not have the built-in underlayment. Which means, this flooring requires one extra step when installing. You will have to figure in the cost of the underlayment as well.



Underlayment comes in a variety of prices, depending on the quality you want. The purpose of underlayment is it’s used to act as a sound barrier and protect your floors from moisture. The better the quality of underlayment, the better the sound barrier. We chose a mid-priced option.

The finish is really beautiful, they look naturally distressed, very much like the real thing.

floors that look like real wood at a fraction of the price


These floors are called Ann Arbor Oak, from the Home Decorator’s collection.



Now that I’ve finally gotten the old carpeting out, these inexpensive floors have sparked an entire makeover of my daughter’s room. I just bought a set of these pretty wall baskets to decorate with.



I plan to keep the colors mainly monochromatic in here, as I usually do. Stayed tuned for more updates on this makeover!


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  1. That flooring looks very much like what I want to update an old mobile home on my son’s farm! I don’t want to spend a lot so I’ve been looking around for flooring. I think this might fit the bill!

  2. Tawny Hardy says:

    How has it held up? Do you still like it?

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