The Rachael Ray Show and Christmas in NY

Roxanne The Honeycomb Home and Rachael RayYou guys! Guess who’s going to be on The Rachael Ray show tomorrow?

I should start out by saying I’m pretty much the most camera shy person on the planet. However, I was so flattered when a producer from the show contacted me and invited me to be on that I couldn’t say no! I stepped way outside my comfort zone for this one, and it was such an amazing experience.

We taped this several weeks ago, arriving bright and early to NYC on that day. We headed straight to the Rachael Ray studio, and were welcomed inside and brought to my very own green room.

Green Room Roxanne RR Show IMG_1111


Honestly, from here it was all kind of a blur for me. I was prepped for my segment by the sweet producer that I had been speaking to prior to arriving, and the next thing I knew I was on stage DIY’ing with Rachael herself! I showed her two different projects from my blog. One was a DIY Sisal Rug and the other was a DIY Capiz Shell chandelier.

sisal rug and shell chandelier

The question I was most asked after taping by my friends and family is “What is Rachael like in real life? ”  I didn’t have much interaction with her other than during the taping and a few minutes afterwards. But the vibe I got was just how she appears on TV, fun and cool. I’m sure the vibe she got from me was nervous wreck, lol. You can see it all for yourself tomorrow when it airs!

After taping, we explored NYC. We were lucky that it was  relativiely warm day so we made the most of it. First we ate lunch at a place called Harrington’s. Food was great, and so was the decor. I loved the ceiling, it was pressed tin but it looked like rustic wood. I’ll be filing that idea away for future reference.

pressed tin ceiling


Then we walked over to Bryant Park. At Christmastime, they have pop up vendors throughout this area with an ice rink in the center. Not too far from there is Rockerfellar Center where we got to see the infamous tree.

Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree 2017


Across from that is a beautiful display of angels. My husband and I had our photo taken there. I’m sure that looks amazing at night when it’s all lit up.

Rockerfeller Center NYC Christmas


Right around the corner from that is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Looking at this amazing building, I could not get over the fact that it was built in 1878. It’s unbelievable to me that they could build something this amazing without modern technology and tools.

Architecture St Patricks Cathedral NYC


Inside was no less stunning. Imagine how long this must have taken back then.

St Patrick's Cathedral NYC


Look at these giant wood doors. I bet Joanna Gaines would love to have something like this in her warehouse!
Gorgeous woodwork St Patricks Cathedral NYC


The ceiling, the columns, the marble flooring…every where I looked I was amazed.

inside St Patrick's Catherdral NYC


Lastly, they had this gorgeous nativity on display.

Nativity at St Patrick's Cathedral NYC


Christmas in NYC really is magical, especially if it kicks off with a stop by the Rachael Ray show!

Update: if you missed the show you can see the three clips of it here, here and here




  1. Hi, just watched the episode….signed up for newsletter right away.
    Loved,loved,loved the garage to family room makeover!
    Looking forward to more ideas from your blog!

  2. Omg I’m watching you on tv and checking my emails at the same Tom loved your segment

  3. Alicia Sharp says:

    I seen you on the show and you did great. Love your ideas and your gorgeous home. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  4. You were great on the show! Love your site. May you and yours have a wonderful 2018.

  5. Marcia Dillion says:

    Saw you on Rachel. Loved it! Got on your blog to find pictures you posted on the show. One of your kichen with runner on the table and one of your living room fireplace (not your music room) and unable to find. Can you steer me in the right direction?

    Going to sign up. Enjoying your creativity!

  6. Hi! Just saw you on Rachel! You did look little nervous but that just made it seem more down to earth and resale!! authentic !! Can’t wait to see more from your blobs!!

  7. Diana Soucy says:

    Great job on the show today! Love your ideas and floor you painted for you niece? AMAZING!

  8. I just saw you on the Rachael Ray Show.. loved the diy ideas! You didn’t look nervous to me

  9. Great job on Rachel Ray! You didn’t look nervous at all. I have a question, did you get any food there? It would be so fun to be able to try her food.

    I look forward to checking out your blog!

  10. Charlotte Kunkel says:

    Saw you on Rachel’s show! You did a great job! Loved the twine rug idea & your beautiful living room! Subscribed to your blog & looking forward to seeing your DIY ideas!

    1. Thank you Charlotte!

  11. April Lee says:

    You were great on the show and I had to find your website! Love your ideas! Hope you can do what u love full time.

    1. Thank you April Lee!

  12. You were great on RR show and will be following you as you have great ideas. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Sonya from Ottawa Canada

  13. Just watched the Rachel Ray segment. You did a great job! Loved your makeovers too. Signing up on your email list!

  14. Jasminum Greenwood Sr. says:

    I throughly enjoyed you on Rachael’s show. Since checking out your blog, I think Rachael was correct, you are very talented and we should support you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing it well!

  15. Where did you get the two panels of NJ towns that you have in your new den? In what seems like a lifetime ago, I grew up near the ones on the panel on the left. Congratulations on all the updating you did in your home!

    1. Hi Claudia, I bought those at Bed Bath and Beyond!

      1. Hi Roxanne –
        I looked them up on bbb’s website and found out they are not the wooden wall art I was expecting! They are towels – not even made of cloth, but of paper! How did you manage to hang them?

        1. Claudia, I should have mentioned this in my last reply but I don’t think those are available any more. Mine are canvas, and I did check the BBB site so that I could direct you to them but I couldn’t find them either. I bought mine a few years ago, sorry!

  16. Maria Bindert says:

    Just watched you on Rachael, love all that you did. Especially the garage make over. I have lived in the house for the past 14 years and the people who lived here before us made over the garage. Never knew what to do with this space. It was a play room for the kids when they were younger. Tried it as a tv room but with our large furniture it did not work well. We had to replace the wooden window that covered the former door opening as it was all rotted. Now its just a catch all. After watching your show I am thinking to turn it into the TV room again and use our now TV room as the dining room as it is larger and our dining room is just too small to use. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Congratulations love your Ideas

  18. Lesta Stevens says:

    Just saw you on Rachael Ray show. I signed up to get your emails.. Loved your ideas!
    You are very talented! With a very humble spirit ❤️

  19. Way to go Roxanne. We will be happy and proud to say “we knew you when”! Well deserved!

  20. Teresa Buehler says:

    I just watched RR tonight! Your segment was amazing! I loved your daughters bedroom and the garage transformation. I am now following your blog:). Congratulations! you’re talented!

  21. How awesome! Congrats on your stardom 😉 I found you via the $100 room makeover which I am excited to follow.

  22. Roxanne, congrats on this exciting feature!! What an experience that must have been!!

    1. Thank you Lisa, it really was!

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