Restoration Hardware Chandelier Hack

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Restoration Chandelier Hack This is my second Restoration Hardware chandelier hack!  You can see the first one here.  I’ve mentioned several times before that my friend has recently moved into a new home.  She’s been working like crazy making her little fixer upper pretty.  I’ve been over there every chance I can to help.  There’s no end to the DIY projects over there!

Her dining room is my favorite space in the home.  We did it completely with DIY projects and reclaimed furniture.  No pictures yet, sorry.  I’m waiting for a big reveal.  So I showed my friend all the chandeliers at Restoration Hardware and asked her which was her favorite.  She picked the Capiz Chandelier.  The cost for that chandelier, shown below, is $695 for the smaller size.

Capiz Chandelier


Of course, I decided I could make that for a small fraction of the price.  I started looking up capiz shells on Ebay and Amazon.  They came in a variety of sizes.  I went with larger sized shells, mine are 2″ in diameter. They also came with the option of having the holes punched in them or without.  Purchasing them with the holes was more expensive, but I went with those anyway because I figured I’d end up breaking them if I tried doing that myself.  To get these shells with the two holes already punched in them, and in the larger size isn’t cheap, but I finally found an affordable option on Ebay.  A bag of 50 shells for around $7.  That was by far the cheapest I could find, and they were located in Indonesia.  I ordered 4 bags, hoping that would be enough.  I then found this chandelier frame on Amazon for only $12.

chandy frame





Once I had everything, I laid the frame on a table to get an idea of how many shells I would need for the diameter.

chandelier hack how to


I wanted to do at least two rows for depth.

chandelier hack how to


Once I had that figured out, I began assembling the shells together.  I had O rings already on hand that I was able to use for this.

capiz shells



For each inner row of shells, I made a row of 5.  For the outer sections, I made them in rows of 3.  This way I would have the inner part of the chandelier hang lower than the outer, like the RH version.  This was time consuming & I did it over a stretch of about a week, a little each night.  I had a total of 200 shells, and this just about used them all.  If you want yours longer, like the RH version, or more layered, you will need alot more shells.  I took the frame outside & hung it from a plant hook in order to assemble it.  I attached the rows of shells to the chandelier frame with the same O rings I used to attach the shells together.  Once the 2 rows were complete I had a handful of shells leftover.  I used these to make a few additional rows, and hung them from the innermost circle of the frame to better hide the light bulb.

To get a light inside, I ordered this 15′ bulb pendant kit for $12, and just dropped it through the center.  We plan to swag the chandelier over the table, so this was a good solution for this chandelier.  No electricians required.

Chandelier Hack RH


And here it is hanging in my house, it hasn’t gotten to it’s permanent home yet.

RH Chandy Hack



KO RH Capiz Chandelier


I couldn’t beat my first Restoration Hardware Chandelier Hack cost of $27, but I still came in far under the RH price of $695 with a total spent of around $52.

Another Restoration Hardware hack


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27 thoughts on “Restoration Hardware Chandelier Hack

  1. This is a fantastic hack! I will pin it.

    Also, a heads up.

    I came from a link party and our site was blocked as malicious. Even has a report about the alleged threats it has. I chose to “visit anyway” and I think I know why you were redflagged.
    I think it is because of the first sentence of your post. I am not sure, just giving you a heads up.

    Have a friend confirm and maybe you can simply edit the post with a different intro. I think that internet security thingy is overly jealous in its job. 😀

    Have a great day and I enjoyed your post. 🙂

  2. How clever bloggers are, it is so heartening for me to keep finding more and more talented people that find ways to save money making something pretty. And your project was so unselfish, making that capiz shell chandelier for your friends new dining room. How wonderful to have a friend like you. You might be feeling pretty good at what you did for her.
    Why in world would anybody want to pay that much for some thing can be made by their own ingenuity? Happy rest of week.

  3. I really love the look of this chandelier. Does the frame come in different colors? If not, could you spray paint it a different color? This is a great project and the price is much more affordable. Looking forward to the reveal! Have a great day!

  4. Now I just need a beach house for this! 🙂 I love the project and am featuring it tomorrow when our Pretty Preppy Party features go live – thanks for the inspiration! xx, b

  5. Roxanne,

    Would you please share your ebay source? I want to do something similar. Thanks dear! It looks amazing!!

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