Christmas Tree and Ornament Storage Ideas

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone that fast? Now that it’s time to put all of that décor away until next year, I’ve decided I need to get more organized about storing it (I really need to get more organized in general) so I’ve rounded up some Christmas tree and ornament storage systems that will make it much easier for next year!

This ornament storage box*  fits 112 ornaments. I like clear storage containers because it makes identifying what’s in them so much easier. I have a weird phobia about going into my attic, so usually my husband goes up there for me. Sometimes I send things up there never to be seen again, so the clear containers really help in finding them later.

ornament storage

If you don’t need one that big, this ornament storage bag holds up to 64 ornaments.

ornament storage containers


This storage container looks sturdy, it’s made of hard plastic which would help keep the ornaments from getting crushed.

plastic ornament storage container

I linked to two Christmas tree storage bags when I showed you my artificial Christmas tree, but I haven’t bought one yet. Here are several more I am considering. This red one is priced right, and I like that it’s a duffel bag, as that will make it easier (for my husband) to get in and out of the attic.

storage bags for artificial Christmas trees

I like this one too, it’s slightly more money and looks like it’s slightly better quality. Unlike the red one above, it doesn’t have wheels which I don’t need anyway.

real simple black Christmas tree storage container bag

This Christmas wreath storage bag fits wreaths up to 36″

Storage bag for Christmas wreath

This wreath storage box fits wreaths from 24″-30″

wreath storage box


I love this storage container for Christmas lights because it’s compartmentalized to keep them separated! We didn’t put any Christmas lights up outside this year for the first time ever, we ran out of time so I’ll be adding this bag to my wish list for next year.organized Christmas lights storage container

Once again, I like this gift wrap organizer because it’s clear. This would be useful year round.

clear container gift wrap organizer for wrapping paper

There was one other gift wrap storage bag I liked (you can see it here) because it also had pockets for ribbons, tape, etc. Aren’t you in the mood to get more organized just from looking at these? I know I am. I picked up a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it’s a best seller and has gotten so many rave reviews that I have to read it for myself. I am ready to tackle organizing once and for all in the new year!


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Organize your Christmas decor for next year with these storage containers for ornaments, trees, wreaths and more

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