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Double Click Wall Color Behr

Hi guys, it’s week 3 of my $100 Room Challenge makeover. If you missed the previous weeks, you can catch up here. Last week I showed you what paint colors I was thinking about for this space. All of you seemed to like the White Metal shade best, but I did end up choosing Double Click. I went with that one because it was a bit darker and I wanted a nice contrast against the white plankboard walls.

gray bathroom with white shiplap half wall

I’m sure you all know how to paint a room, so I won’t go into detail on the process but I would like to share what paint supplies I use. I have done all of the painting in my house myself for as long as we lived here so I have learned a lot through trial and error. What I found to be important is not so much what brand of paint you use, but the room painting supplies you use to apply the paint.

By far my #1 go to paint supply is a Purdy paint brush. You are going to pay more for these (though this 3-pack is a total bargain!) but they are 100% worth it! You want the ones with the angled bristles. I will not buy any other paintbrush ever.

purdy paint brush room painting supplies

When I was new to painting I used to buy the edge rollers for cutting in. They were messy and never gave me a nice straight line. If you use this angled paint brush instead you will get a perfect line. You can read more detail on exactly how to do that here.

I also like these paint cups shown below. Less trips up and down the ladder. They don’t improve the quality of your finished paint, but they make the process much easier. You can also buy disposal liners for them so there’s no mess to clean up after. It’s worth the few extra bucks to me to make the job easier.

hand held paint cup pail


Have you ever wondered what the difference is with the nap sizing on paint rollers? There are quite a few sizes to choose from. For walls, where you want the smoothest finish, go for the smallest nap, which is usually 1/4″. Thick naps are for textured walls, so in most cases you will want the smallest. They also come in different textures, also dependant on what type of surface you are painting. For smooth walls, go with the white woven in the shortest nap. Again, I would splurge on the more expensive roller here, cheaper ones can leave lint in your finish.

which type of paint roller to use for interior room painting

All painters tape is not created equal either. I learned the hard way not to cheap out when buying that. The less expensive ones can either peel the paint off your walls or not adhere well, letting the paint seep underneath it.

frog tape painters tape, room painting supplies


Next up on my to-do list for this space is refinishing the vanity, which I’ve already gotten started on. Last is the floors, which is going to make a huge difference in here!

small half bath with shiplap

Money spent so far:

Zinsser primer: $13

1 Gallon of Behr Paint: $24


Thanks to Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry for hosting this $100 Room Challenge. You can see what my friends have accomplished in their spaces below!

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  1. I just moved into a townhouse that needs a little updating. Never painted a room before. Going to attempt to paint my kitchen! Thanks for the tips!!

    1. You’re welcome Lily, good luck with the painting!

  2. I love the horizontal planks! So pretty! Great painting tips too!

  3. Your room is looking fantastic! Those are my favorite painting tools too, except I love the short handled purdy brushes because they fit my hand perfectly and let me get into tight spaces. That handy cup is a game changer! I love it for high spots!

  4. I totally agree!! I used cheap paint brushes in my first home and it’s not worth the mess to save a few dollars.

  5. All of your favorites are my favorites, too! I can’t wait to see the finished room – it looks fabulous so far!

  6. This is looking great! Paint is one of my favorite things for transforming a space.

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