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Since it was a long weekend I decided to knock something off my to do list. The ceiling in my younger daughter’s room hadn’t been painted in the 13 years we have lived here. It was still the ugly ivory builder grade color that every room, ceiling, and doorway were when we moved in. So I finally painted it white & I thought I’d share some tips that made it a little easier.

First, the dreaded cut in & trying to get a straight line. Most important is the right paint brush. I used a Purdy brand angled brush. You will pay a few dollars more for these , but they are definitely worth it.



Next a tip I picked up on Pinterest. Instead of climbing up and down the ladder all day long, I filled a coffee mug with the paint so I could hold that in one hand, & paint with the other. An empty jar or can would also work but I liked the mug idea because it has the handle.


To get that desired straight line across the top, I held the brush perpendicular to the wall (not the ceiling) right at the ceiling and just slid it sideways across the top. It gives a thin white line across the top of the wall which I like. After sliding it across the top of the wall, I’d fan it out across the ceiling to get the border painted.




I had several damp folded paper towels on hand to wipe off any excess spots, that I had to go back over with the brush and try again. My lines are close to perfect with this method. Once I got the entire border of the room done, I used a roller to fill in the rest.

A tool I tried using this time was using a paint stick. I’ve just recently heard of these (how did I not know of this before?) and wanted to try it out.



You fill up the tube with the paint via the little attachment. Once the paint is in the tube, just twist the handle to push  more paint up to the roller. No paint pan or ladder needed. And it comes with the paint spatter shield. It takes ALOT of paint to get the roller saturated in the beginning. One complaint with this is the pole is obviously heavier with all that paint in it and my arms were already tired so I switched back and forth between that and the regular roller. Secondly, my spatter shield kept falling off so I ended up leaving it off. I would also recommend having a paint tray around anyway, to set the roller and its attachment in.

All in all the paint stick is a great concept and not a bad tool. The Sears brand paint stick was the one recommended to me but I was in Lowes so I picked mine up there. Has anyone tried the paint stick? Which one do you have and what are your thoughts on it?


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