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While I believe that true antique and vintage items add the most warmth and interest to a home, there are times when buying an antique isn’t practical.

For example, you may not have a truck to haul a larger piece of furniture home from the flea market or someone to help you bring it in.

Vintage Furniture VS New

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture or home decor in a specific size, it can take a long time to find that perfect antique piece. It can sometimes be like searching for the needle in a haystack.

Additionally, if you are at a flea market or an antique show you don’t have the luxury of going home, measuring your space, and thinking it over. And that can lead to regret in one way or another.

If you don’t buy it, you may never stop thinking about it. And if you do and decide you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, it can’t be returned.

antique dresser at a flea market

However, I have found Facebook Marketplace to be a good solution for this. What may not work in my house might just be perfect in yours.

And while I don’t mind old furniture with a little damage, often finding one in really good shape is difficult. Yes, antiques were made better than today’s furniture but after 50-100 years they’re going to have wear and tear.

Though I’m leaning more and more towards antique pieces for my home, I do like them balanced with a mix of antique and new.

For these reasons, today I thought I share some pretty furniture and home decor I’ve spotted lately that look as if they could be antique.

New furniture that looks antique

I’m a sucker for any furniture with spindle legs. So much craftsmanship goes into those! When I first spotted this new side table I thought it was vintage!

side table with spindle legs, new home decor that looks vintage

Often antique furniture will have more intricate leg shapes. This is why I thought this side table could easily pass as vintage.

New furniture that looks vintage side table

You guys, I have been playing musical chairs around my kitchen table for a year. Two of my blue chairs had broken so I picked up pretty vintage ladder-back chairs with rush seats at the flea market.

However, I soon discovered they were not comfortable at all. So then I bought another two old chairs on marketplace only to have the same issue. I still haven’t gotten this sorted out yet.

So going forward, when buying a new dining chair I will most likely be buying something new. I love this chair below. It looks vintage and the shape is interesting.

new dining chairs that look antique

Furniture with fringe is something I’m seeing more and more of on Instagram lately. This velvet ottoman with the fringed trim looks very Victorian to me.

velvet green ottoman

My favorite thing on this list is this stunning dining table. It stopped me right in my tracks. Isn’t it amazing?

new vintage style dining table

Antique Style Mirrors

I love antique mirrors and often have a hard time passing them up. However, many times the really old mirrors aren’t secure in the frames which could make them potentially dangerous.

Check the backs of antique mirrors before buying for this reason. Make sure the mirror is secure and the hanging hardware is as well.

This antique-style mirror is a pretty new option that has tons of character to rival an older mirror.

new home decor that looks vintage

Here is another beautiful option. This mirror is made from engineered wood.

new mirror that looks antique

Home Decor That Looks Vintage

This plant stand that almost resembles a bird cage on top is a unique-looking piece. This could easily pass for an antique if it had a little patina on it.

vintage style plant stand

Baskets are one thing I never pass up at the flea market. But as with all things vintage, they can sometimes come with a bit of damage. This large basket shown below is such a pretty new option.


The vintage rugs in my house are my favorites. I prefer them over new ones. However, those vintage rugs are always in odd sizes and come with visible wear.

I don’t mind any of that but if you need a specific size and prefer something that isn’t worn, check out a new rug with a cool pattern that could pass for Turkish.

area rug that looks vintage

And how I love a good old crock! What I love even more is a grouping or a collection of crocks.

These two crock style vases below are so pretty and they come in those two graduated sizes which look even better on display.

crock style vases

Even this pretty set of bowls with the floral motif looks as if they could have been around for years.


Vintage Style Lighting

I’m not opposed to buying antique lighting in any way. However, I do sometimes worry about the old wiring. But new lighting that looks vintage can be found easily enough. Such as this old Hollywood vintage-style light fixture.

new home decor that looks vintage style ceiling light

Many old lampshades have lots of character (think pleated) but the options for interesting new lampshades are plentiful.

This scalloped lampshade can be found at a decent price. I saw one very similar in another store for far more money! You can also cover a lampshade with fabric to make it more unique.

new home decor that looks vintage, green lampshade

Vintage Wall Art

Hanging art that looks vintage is another way to add instant character. However, true antique art can be extremely expensive! Fortunately, you can get the same look for much less!

In my vintage art shop, each art piece is an antique that has been digitally retouched and reproduced for modern frames. We offer them as digital downloads to keep the cost very low.

This Vintage Ships print is one of my favorites. You can have the art printed with texture and use a frame without glass to get an authentic look. I just sent this one to be printed for myself to do exactly that!

I will buy vintage frames when I see them and then choose art to have printed for them. It’s easier to match art to the frame than the other way around.

The shop has been moved recently from an external Woocommerce site to here on my blog so it’s still being updated with art. You can see more of the vintage art offered here.

vintage wall decor

And if you’re a blog subscriber you also have access to our library of free printable vintage art! (If you’re not you can subscribe here).

New Vs Old Home Decor

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to my home I prefer antiques over new. But there are times (like with my kitchen chairs) you may be better off buying something new.

The fun part is experimenting with what works for you and your home!

Do you prefer new home decor that looks vintage as opposed to antique? Or a mix of both? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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