Natural Wreaths For Year Round

Beautiful natural wreaths that are timeless and work for all seasons!

Recently I was browsing on the Shop Terrain website because I’m kind of obsessed with that store. I came across the most stunning wreath that would work on our front door year round. Of course, that led me down a rabbit hole of natural wreaths that work for all seasons.

As you’re browsing through these, keep in mind most of these would be a relatively easy DIY project!

Natural Moss Wreath

Hands down my favorite of them all is this Reindeer Moss wreath. It’s such a stunner! Something to note on this one is the description says “sheltered outdoor use” as well as “avoid direct sunlight or moisture”. It won’t work on an exterior door exposed to the elements.

The moss wreath would not be a hard DIY project. I’m sure you could make one for less. However, I’ve worked with moss and hot glue before and it gets messy! I made a DIY moss topiary and while it did come out cute, I’m not sure I’d do it again. (That project is going way back!)

Pretty Fern Wreath

I absolutely love the look of asparagus ferns. The leaves are so delicate and lacy. Unfortunately, they are very hard to keep alive as houseplants. I’ve tried a couple of times and gave up. The sort of wild shape of the ferns on this wreath makes it even more natural and pretty.

Natural Root Wreath

The natural root wreath has the look of a grapevine wreath but is way cooler! It’s literally made from dried roots, very unique! At under $30, this one is affordable.

That one would be tough to DIY unless you happen to have a pile of wood roots around.

Bay Leaf and Rosemary

This beautiful wreath is made from fresh cut bay leaves and rosemary which is why it looks so realistic. Due to that, I’m not sure how long this wreath would hold up. It would be amazing while it lasted.

You could get the look yourself using this faux rosemary garland along with this leaf garland easily enough. I’ve seen that particular rosemary garland in store and it’s really pretty.

Natural Grasses

The natural grass wreath is my second favorite on this list. The color combination is so soft and beautiful! It’s made with pampas grass and dried botanicals. Buying bundles of pampas grass can be expensive but if you have access to a spot where it grows you can knock this one off easily enough as well!

As with all the natural wreaths shown on this page, be sure to read the descriptions on the retailer’s websites. This one says it will last about 3-6 months.

Natural Thistle Wreath

As with the natural grasses wreath, the colors in this thistle wreath are monochromatic and so pretty. If you shopped for faux thistle and leaves in these colors at the craft store you could easily recreate this one yourself!

Preserved Flower Wreath

In the last couple of years, I’ve become more interested in dried flowers. They can be just as beautiful as fresh flowers but last indefinitely! The rainbow of colors in this dried flower wreath makes for a very uplifting look!

And who couldn’t use a little lift every day?

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