Fall Porch Decor

The first day of fall is only a few days away. September weather in NJ is outstanding and I’ve been enjoying getting outside and working on fall gardening and fall porch decor.

My small front porch is absolutely one of my favorite places to decorate seasonally. It’s tiny but it packs a cute little punch!

The large basket on the porch is fun for seasonal displays of flowers. Last fall I did typical mums and cabbages, but this year I wanted something a little less standard.

autumn flowers for porch ideas

The yellow in the flowers above gives a nice pop of color to that shady corner.

Prior to those flowers, I had a huge pot of black-eyed Susans (seen below)there but it was a little too big for the basket, so I swapped those out.

fall front porch decorating 2

I filled one shallow planter with orange pansies (those do well on my shady porch) and filled the obelisk with mini pumpkins. I used mini orange pumpkins as opposed to white so they’d stand out.

My pumpkins are real but I also love the colors of these mini pumpkins.

pumpkins in planter porch idea

In the crock is another interesting plant I found. I believe it’s a type of geranium for the shade. I really liked the foliage on that one. The cute broom I found at a flea market and the seller ended up just giving it to me for free.

small front porch decorating ideas

Consider that my nod to Halloween, which I don’t really decorate for anymore. I did when my kids were smaller but I’m not really into Halloween. Except for the candy, I’m here for that.

pretty halloween decorations

Then I just tucked a few pumpkins and gourds here and there for accents. And I couldn’t resist a few more pansies in a small pot. The garden center had so many gorgeous pansy colors to choose from.

autumn flowers for entry

A have a large sedum shrub on the side of my house that has just started turning pink. I picked a few of those to fill out the basket so that it’s nice and full. Sedum can last pretty long without being in water.

fall porch ideas

I love heirloom pumpkins in blush colors but I was feeling a little more traditional this year so I stuck mostly with orange. I think the drought has me craving more color than usual, I’m tired of seeing dead grass and trees.


Coming home to this view of my fall porch decor makes me pretty happy.


Have you started decorating for fall yet?


  1. Your porch is beautiful! I love the Fall, and although, I love the summer too, I am tired of the continuous heat and humidity and am waiting patiently for the cooler temps!

  2. Yes, I started to decorate for fall two weeks ago! I, too, am tired of the heat and dry looking plants and trees. I’m using traditional orange this year for all my decorating. I love fall colors, so of course, orange is perfect. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love the use of sedum for a little more fall color!

  3. Linda kraner says:

    Where did u get the wire holding a those tiny pumpkins?

    1. From a flea market but you can find them on Amazon or at a garden center.

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