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beautiful container garden display

Containers are the most versatile garden accent there is. No matter how big or small your outdoor spaces are,  chances are you’ll have some sort of potted plants out there.

I thought it would be fun to look at some container garden “recipes ” today to help take the guesswork out of what works well together. You will just need to check if these are for sun or shade unless otherwise noted. Some are container gardening summer staples you’ve seen before and some are new (at least to me) and interesting ideas!

This beautiful container garden is simple, it contains scabiosa ‘pink mist’ with iris setosa ‘baby blue’. Notice they used pebbles instead of mulch for interest.

simple container garden ideasvia Gardener’s World


A beautiful shade garden flower combination that uses impatiens, begonias, sweet potato vine and coleus.

shade flower combinations for container gardensvia Home Depot Garden Club


Vertical container gardening is a great use of space in smaller gardens. This one includes a mix of wave petunias, strawflower, and creeping zinnia.

vertical container gardening flower combination via Midwest Living


Using a fiddle leaf fig in the center of this container is a unique idea. It’s surrounded by hostas and a purple huechera. Huechera is one of my favorite shade garden fillers.

container gardening mixvia Nourish and Nestle


This pretty container garden consists of the following: Chinese fringe flower, elephant ear, salvia, pink globe amaranth, black cherry vinca, whirlwind pink fanflower, and black mondo grass.

container garden recipesvia Garden Gate


If mosquitos keep you inside, consider planting a mosquito repelling container garden. Marigolds, lavender, pineapple mint, flossflower, oregano, lemon balm, lemon thyme and basil will help keep them away.

mosquito repelling container garden recipevia Garden Therapy



Cottage style gardens are my favorite. This mix consists of gerbera daisy, verbena aztec, geranium, periwinkle vinca vine, and mini petunias.

container garden plant combinationsvia: Midwest Living


Add pretty pops of color with super spike, sweet potato vine, argyranthemum, bidens, and petunias.

container garden recipe ideasviaFernlea Flowers



Another shade garden option containing begonias, bleeding heart, and heuchera.

shade garden containersvia: Gardener’s World


I couldn’t find the actual source of what these plants are but I believe the larger shrub is a hibiscus and you could get the look of those white flowers using sweet alyssum. If you know what these are please leave it in the comments.

beautiful container garden displayvia: Zorlag


A full sun container garden option that contains, salvia, daisies, and petunias. Add creeping jenny for the spillover look on the sides.

full sun container garden flower mixvia: Home Depot Garden Club


My daughter and I picked out a mix of flowers and plants for our pots this year, and this full sun container was my favorite this year.



There is a formula for container gardening that works regardless of what variety of flowers you choose. It’s known as “thrillers, fillers, and spillers”. The thriller refers to a tall plant that goes in the center of the pot. The fillers surround the center plant and make up the bulk of the container. And the for the spiller you want something that spills over the sides. My favorite two spillers are sweet potato vine and creeping jenny.


On a side note, I’ll be taking next week off from blogging to spend some time with my daughter who will be home on spring break and to also catch up on a few projects. I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


The formula to perfect container gardening every time, and a cheat sheet of which flowers work well together PIN


  1. Beautiful ideas for container gardening. We have no grass on our small backyard so that is the majority of what we do. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  2. I think the white flowers are chamomile

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