Color Drenched Rooms


Painting your trim color a contrasting color to your walls is something I’ve been seeing more of in the last few years. However, lately, I’ve been noticing trim painted the same color as the walls.

Not only that, there’s a trend called color drenched rooms. Meaning, that not only are the walls and trim the same color, but so are the ceiling and the doors.

I’m trying to stay away from trends these days because most don’t have long-term staying power. Although this is trending lately, I do think it’s a classic look that wouldn’t get old.

And there are several benefits to taking this approach with your paint!

Benefits of a color drenched room

  • The room looks bigger
  • It’s calming
  • It’s easier to decorate
  • The room will look seamless
  • Fewer leftover paint cans
  • Easily create a mood

Rooms APpear Bigger

One of the best ways to make a small space appear larger is to keep things continuous!

What easier way to do that than with paint? Keeping everything cohesive allows the eye to travel with no stopping point.

room painted all neutral - COLOR DRENCHED ROOMS

via: wovn home

If you don’t like to go bold with color, using a light neutral or white will give you the same effect. All white everything is fading in popularity these days but white walls are always classic in my book!

room painted all white

via: atlanta homes

Calming Paint Ideas

When everything is painted the same color it creates a calming effect. Too many colors can be busy – and busy is never relaxing. Using a pretty earth tone color such as the bathroom below will further add to the calming feel.

bathroom with ceiling painted same color as walls - COLOR DRENCHED ROOMS HOW TO

via: a glass of bovino

Easy Decorating

Less colors means less you have to consider when decorating the room. Matching the rest of the room to only one color makes things much easier.

all  one color bathroom with tub

via: elle decor

You can create contrast with accessories or keep the cohesive feeling with matching decor.

beautiful all white walls with plankboards

via: nadine stay

Create A Seamless Look

Having everything in one color looks seamless, even when there is molding or trim on your walls.

green blue painted bedroom - color drenching a room with earth tones

via: sylvie keen

Additionally, if you have something unattractive in a space that can’t be removed (such as an exposed pipe or ugly radiator cover) covering it in the same color as everything else will make it recede rather than stand out.

Including the ceiling when painting also creates depth. Even when using a darker paint color, like this deep navy blue below. Using the same hue on the ceiling makes it recede and the ceiling appears higher.

dark and moody color drenched rooms

via: we are wood grain

If they had gone white on the ceiling here, the contrast would’ve made the space feel smaller.

Another benefit to color drenching is that you don’t have to cut in around molding and ceilings, which will save so much time!


When painting your molding, doors, ceiling in trim in different colors you’ll inevitabily end up buying more paint than you’ll use.

Having all painted areas in one color will mean less expense and less waste.

how to color drench a room and why you should

via: hgtv home by sherwin williams

I always keep my leftover paint for touch ups later. With only one color to touch up, you’ll only have to store one extra paint can. (My husband gets so annoyed with all the paint cans I horde)!

painting ceiling, walls and trim all the same color

via: prettylittleedwardian

Create a mood

One last note on color drenched rooms is that it’s easier to create the mood you’re after in your spaces.

This next room is a great example of that. You can easily create a moody feel with a deep paint color. No need to overthink it!

room painted all one color ceiling walls floors

via: abigail ahern

which paint finish should you use in a color drenched room?

Changing the finish of your paint will slightly alter the color. If you want it to be an exact match, using an eggshell finish is a safe bet for walls and trim. However, if you prefer some contrast, go with satin on the trim.

If you like a slight contrast, mixing paint finishes in a color-drenched room can also add more depth to the space.

As you see, creating a completely monochromatic color scheme with paint is an easy way to get a harmonious look throughout a room!

It’s a great approach to designing your room and it’s easy to achieve! Just be sure to choose your color carefully and sample it in the space for a few days before committing.

See our guide on how to pick paint colors for more information on that.

What are your thoughts on color drenched rooms?

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