9 Ways to Make Your Bath Feel Like A Spa

spa bath with ocean view


Even if we can’t afford to redesign our bathrooms into the spa-like bath of our dreams (like the one shown above), there are definitely a few ways to make your bath feel like a spa.  Creating the spa experience at home is all about tranquility and pampering.  The good news is, we can do it on a minimal budget with a few simple ideas*.


Plush Towels

Roll your bath towels instead of folding them.  Make sure they’re over sized, fluffy towels if you really want to feel pampered.

How to roll your bath towels for a spa like feel


Tub Trays

Add a tub tray to hold your bath salts, scrubs or your latest book…or better yet, your glass of wine.  Make it a bamboo tray for more of a spa feel.

add a tub tray for a spa like feel


Bath Mats

Make a river stone bath mat or buy a plush bath mat to pamper your feet.

DIY River Stone Bath Mat



River Stones

Speaking of river stones, add some inspirational river rocks to a basket or a pretty dish.

Spa Bath Stones


Apothecary Jars

Display your soaps, sea sponges and  bath salts in apothecary jars.

apothecary jars for the bath




Add aromatherapy.  You could use essential oils for this, but take it a step further and add eucalyptus to your shower head.

Eucalyptus-on-shower-head for a spa like feel


Wine Holder

The best reason to create your own little at-home spa?  Wine!  Add this handy wine glass holder for your bathtub.

wine glass holder for bathtub sip caddy


Swirl Faucet

A swirl faucet isn’t really needed for a spa feel at home, but it sure would make me feel a little more indulgent.

swirl faucet for a spa bathroom


Lighting and Flowers

Display beautiful flowers and candles in a decorative tray.   Adding a dimmer switch to your bathroom lighting so you can lower the lights when using your candles will really help set a relaxing mood.

tray display for a spa bath


Jetted Tub

And one more bonus idea is to turn your bath water into a jetted spa without replacing your existing tub with a dual-jet spa bath.  It hangs over the side of your existing tub and turns your water into a whirlpool.

dual jet spa for your tub


Additionally,  to complete the experience, bring in some of your favorite calming music or  try a sound machine that plays several different nature sounds.  One last idea is to add decorative glass stones or marbles into your sink.  I got this idea from a friend (you know who you are!) after seeing it in her bathroom.  You can see it in my half bathroom makeover photos.


9 Ways to Make Your Bath Feel Like A Spa


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